Jimmy Buffett Joins the Cannabis Industry with His Coral Reefer Cannabis Brand

Jimmy Buffett is trading in his cheeseburger in paradise for something different. The iconic singer/songwriter is partnering with Surterra Wellness to launch the new Coral Reefer line of cannabis products. Named for his back-up band, The Coral Reefers, Buffett’s brand will focus on wellness and lifestyle products.

The Brand

Image courtesy of: PRNewsfoto/Surterra Wellness

According to Buffett, “It never dawned on me that Coral Reefer would be anything other than a cool name for a tropical band born out of the Key West lifestyle in the mid-70s, but life is supposed to be about having fun and staying healthy enough to enjoy it.  I think Coral Reefer will help a lot of folks do that.”

Their tagline, “Good for the Body, Good for the Soul,” is more than just a slogan. The purpose behind launching the Coral Reefer brand, according to Surterra Chairman and CEO William “Beau” Wrigley, Jr., is to offer high-quality cannabis products designed to enhance people’s lives while keeping that chill Florida Keys vibe.

The Products

Coral Reefer’s initial product releases will focus on vapes and vape-related products with varying levels of CBD:THC ratios (Low Tide, Mid Tide, High Tide, and Tsunami). In other words, you won’t be “wasted away” when you try one (unless you want to be). Their initial product release consists of:

Coral Reefer Vapes

  • Seas the Day is a CBD-dominant blend that offers a gentle calming effect to help you breathe in, breathe out, and move on from the tension of your day.
  • Cabana Daydreamin’ is a fresh evening breeze that delivers a balanced blend of CBD and THC for full body relaxation.
  • Stories We Could Tell is a relaxing THC-rich blend to help you manage pain without drowsiness so you can be present with friends and family.
  • Surfin’ in a Hurricane is a THC only formula that can help manage acute pain and bring sunshine to your stormy day.

Coral Reefer vaporizer formulas have four different CBD-to-THC ratios that range from mild to high intensity (Low Tide, Mid Tide, High Tide and Tsunami) and were developed to provide tailored benefits for adults seeking pain relief, mood management, or total body relaxation.

Vape Devices

  • Disposable: The disposable vaporizer pens offer a slim profile and subtle wood grain design – a stylish and discreet way to catch the right wave whenever the moment is right.
  • TideRider Reusable Battery: The TideRider is a uniquely designed rechargeable vaporizer pen that features easy-to-use variable temperature control, preheat function, ceramic coil technology, and a sleek surfboard style.  Available in three colors, the TideRider is compatible with the full line of Coral Reefer vaporizer pods.

Coral Reefer products are currently rolling out to Surterra Wellness dispensaries throughout Florida with plans to expand to California and Nevada in summer 2019. They’re also adding more products, such as edibles, topicals, pre-rolls, and CBD-only formulas. Just don’t blow out your flip-flop running to get something.

You can follow Coral Reefer on Twitter and Instagram as well as Like them on Facebook.

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