Juva Life Files Patent On Non-Cannabinoid Cannabis Molecule

A Canadian company involved in cannabis-related pharmaceutical research and development is seeking a patent for a non-cannabinoid molecule.

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Juva Life Inc. today announced its patent application filing for JUVA-041, a cannabis molecule identified by its research team.

Last month, Juva revealed that it was advancing the JUVA-019 molecule from discovery into pre-clinical development.

Juva has filed a patent application for JUVA-019, which has demonstrated efficacy in inhibiting inflammation by modulating certain biomarkers in the body.

According to Juva, scientists in its research division have continuously evaluated a therapeutic cannabis compound database.

Juva says building the internally curated database enabled them to identify JUVA-019 and JUVA-041.

Juva has nominated both compounds as drug candidates for additional pre-clinical investigation.

Juva says its current focus is on advancing JUVA-19 and JUVA-041 through phenotypic models of chronic aging diseases.

“Filing the patent application on JUVA-041 is a major milestone for Juva as we now have two drug candidates that we believe hold significant promise in addressing unmet needs for safe and effective small molecule anti-inflammatory drugs, and the Company’s IP will be protected,” says Juva Founder and CEO Doug Chloupek. “These molecules are not cannabinoids and as such they to not possess regulatory encumbrances associated with THC class.”

According to Juva, its patent application filings for JUVA-019 and JUVA-041 indicate the next stage in the compounds’ pharmaceutical development.

The company says both compounds have demonstrated significant potential in clinical trials to inhibit inflammation.

Juva says its business strategy is to leverage its unique knowledge of non-cannabinoid molecule composition chemistry and anti-inflammatory mode of action.

The company sees the knowledge as a path to developing therapeutics that are safe and effective.

Regarding product development, Juva says it plans to utilize in vivo validation studies and partnerships with leading pharmaceutical and consumer companies that seek anti-inflammatory bioactive compounds for their product pipelines.