Kansas Deals With Delta-8 Cannabis

A legal substance that looks similar to cannabis, but is not cannabis, is flying off the shelves of local CBD stores.

Delta-9 is commonly referred to as marijuana, and it currently illegal in Kansas.

Another cannabinoid, Delta-8 has been making waves around the country, including on Wichita shop shelves.

“It’s probably 50 to 75 percent weaker than the regular stuff,” said Lucas Fitch, manager of CBD Plus in Wichita. “You don’t get high, but you get all of the benefits that THC provides. Everything we sell across the counter is properly labeled, packaged, and represented so any law enforcement agency would know exactly where and what they have.”

The primary chemical distinction between legal and illegal Delta-8 is the structure of their chromosomes and their potency.

“It’s gradually taking over the market,” Fitch explained. “Which is to say, I don’t blame anybody since it’s a lot more powerful and better than CBD.”

It can be difficult for law enforcement to deal with a legal product that looks and smells like cannabis, but is not cannabis.

Local companies have weighed in on medical marijuana’s economic impact.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office’s Col. Brian White said, “That industry, in general, has some highly scientific aspects to it that make law enforcement and executing the law tough.”

According to Col. White, the little study on Delta-8 is also a source of concern for law enforcement.

“It’s a very new product, and the medical industry hasn’t thoroughly examined it,” Col. White explained.

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