Kushstock 3.5

By Jessica Skinner

Instagram: @kushy_kitty

Rolling up to Kushstock 3.5, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a big weekend in SoCal, with lots of other exciting event but something in me knew Kushstock was the place to be. I was correct! The place was jumping all day.

We were lucky to enter while the vendors were still setting up, giving us a chance to greet everyone face to face, before the crowd. It was amazing; the companies showed up for a “patients over profits” event. As I walked through thanking everyone for being there, I was made aware they were just as excited for the day as the patients. The line-up was clean and tight. We had Vader Extracts in the house showing much love to all, giving out shirts, dabs, hats, and pins, being representatives of one of the finest strain designers. It was refreshing to see how accessible they made themselves to patients and fans alike (me being one of them.)

Right down the path from Vader, I was extremely surprised and pleased to peep Exclusive Extractions with the booming strain we all have noticed “Golden State Banana” proudly displayed for all to admire and acquire. Sporting everything from T-shirts and hats, to flower and concentrates… you were bound to be stuck walking in circles around their display.

I was truly thrilled to see one of our community’s biggest patient advocates, taking up a good chunk, with some of the finest edible candies I’ve ever had…#infusededibles. Mr. Medicate on my level, handing out candy, dabs and t-shirts to everyone around. He is always a delight, and always fighting for patients, and our community as a whole. Fighting hard and strong to bring us Abra Ca Dabs every year, as well as amazing events throughout the year. If Medicate on my Level is bringing it, just show up, you will have a memorable time!

What do I smell? BBQ? I turn to my right and there is “Ganja Eats,” always happy and smiling, and serving ‘em up. Today, however, is something a little different. A lovely display of “DIY medicated cooking supplies” is the latest addition to their product line. Featuring everything from Ranch dressing to Strawberry preserves, any meal is bound to be a medicated masterpiece. That’s not all, a full menu of ready to eat plates will be served up as well, ranging from BBQ ribs to mac & cheese, and I want it all.

Some of San Diego’s favorites provided for the patients of Kushstock. We had PureStar Labs, Reggae SD Diana, McLovin Munchies, Green Ivy, Gnarly Tacos, Harvest Reserve with them B.A.M. Cakes!, Iggy Pops, Slactivis, and many more. If I forgot anyone it’s because #infusededibles CBD’d me.

I had the pleasure of running into one of my favorites, I love the people and product ”Greenery Depot.” Although every time I tried to spend some time with them, they were swamped with patients. Which is proof of the love they show. With Stoner Rob on deck I knew it would be a slim chance to chat.

Pop-up Sesh was alive and jumping…and impossible to penetrate as well…we all know and adore Mr. “WeShouldSmoke.” It’s always good times when they are around, and even though we couldn’t chat, I could see they were providing very well. The smiles on the faces as they were walking away, making it obvious.

Tie Dyed Granny was there putting all the boys to shame, with her dabbing expertise. I had the fortunate experience of chatting with her for a few moments. What an impressive advocate we have on our side. Fighting every free moment to increase awareness and knowledge, of the benefits of medicinal cannabis in everyday healthcare. I was a bit star struck and in awe while in her presence. Then definitely surprised to find out she knew who I was and The Candid Chronicle. We are truly looking forward to future endeavors with this amazing champion.

I was able to meet the guys of The Cannabis Couch of Kaotic Radio, another set of up and coming stars. With a show growing in popularity by day, these gentlemen are sure to become well known names. Stay tuned, we will be on the show April 28th.

With so many faces and dabs under my belt for the day, I nearly forgot my self serving purpose. I make a quick break for the “Rozin Extracts” booth knowing they are always ready to press rosin fresh for patients. I had brought along some of my own Lemon Stomper and politely asked if they could please press it for me. Always happy and willing to oblige in patients eccentricities, they did. What a great job they did as well as Captain Nug (the cultivator), thank you for always being about #patientsoverprofits! We went right next door to the 805 Oilers booth and medicated ourselves silly. What an awesome day we had! Thank you to each and every vendor, I know I forgot some by name, but we know who we are. California and the Cannabis Community appreciate all you do for us. Thank you, @theeherbnerd, for safe the safe journey and all your support. #supportoneanother