La Mesa’s first MMD- The Grove

La Mesa approves their first medical cannabis dispensary, The Grove, owned by Sean and Corey McDermott.

By Cara Anderson
IG: @carajojo

Sean McDermott was approved to open a dispensary in La Mesa, CA. La Mesa’s Planning Commission approved the dispensary Conditional Use Permit in a 7-0 vote. La Mesa City Council upheld the Planning Commission’s decision on March 27th in a 5-0 vote.

The Grove medical cannabis dispensary, which McDermott hopes to open in July, will be located at 8155 Center St. in La Mesa.

McDermott told CC, “One of the coolest things that’s happened through this process is that its given me a chance to work with my son on something that he’s super passionate about.” McDermott’s business partner is his 26-year-old son, Corey McDermott.

McDermott and his son are also in the process of applying for a dispensary in Lemon Grove. Upon passing zoning clearance for one property in LG, the father-son duo submitted their Conditional Use Permit which was then reviewed by the city. The McDermotts, they are preparing to re-submit their CUP application to the city for the second time.

“The application process for La Mesa was very clear, well written, and easily able to be completed and achieved. Easily might not be the right word because it wasn’t easy. But, you knew clearly what you needed to do to achieve a license.” – Sean McDermott

McDermott has owned his own businesses since 1980, his last business was right next door to the dispensary that will be opening in La Mesa. After nearly 40 years in business, the La Mesa dispensary will be McDermott’s very first cannabis business.

McDermott notes that opening a dispensary is different from other types of businesses. He said dispensaries require a new form of hustle because of the amount of competition involved.

“I think being successful in business comes from working hard and doing the right things… To get one of these, you had to work hard. You had to hustle… get in there, find a space, get the applications filled out, get them turned in, and meet the already very stringent written requirements for the CUP. To meet those, it’s not a blessing. That’s hard work and hustle.” – Sean McDermott

The race to open a dispensary in Southern California is fueled by competition, however, McDermott says, “I don’t look at any of the other applicants as adversarial. I think we need to work together to be successful.”

“Its hard but its going to pay off because we’re going to do it right and do it by the book.” – McDermott


Featured photo: Sean and Corey McDermott at The Grove dispensary location, image via SDUT.