Martha Stewart launches CBD Wellness Topicals

America’s favorite hostess and first self-made female billionaire has expanded her cannabidiol (CBD) product brand’s range of products.

On Wednesday, entrepreneur and television personality Martha Stewart announced the launch of her CBD Wellness Topicals.

The launch is Martha Stewart CBD’s first product portfolio category expansion and adds to the brand’s lineup of gummies, oils, and softgels.

Stewart first entered the cannabis industry in 2019 through a partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation.

In 2020, The Vitamin Shoppe began carrying Stewart’s CBD products.

“I believe that living well can be simplified by focusing on practical and effective solutions, which is why I created this line of CBD Wellness Topicals with the Canopy Growth team,” says Stewart. “I am thrilled to help improve our customers’ daily lives through proven formulations that make wellness accessible and convenient, with offerings that address muscle discomfort, sleep deprivation, and stress.”

Topical Relief

According to the company, the new topical products are for improving daily wellbeing in specific ways.

The Sleep Science CBD cream is formulated with essential oils like lavender and vetiver to improve sleep, and the Daily De-Stress CBD cream with neroli and ho wood is for helping to relieve stress.

The Super Strength CBD cream incorporates magnesium and ginger to aid muscle recovery.

Stewart created the new topical line through a partnership with Marquee Brands and Canopy Growth Corporation.

According to Stewart, the new line uses cutting edge aroma-technology to activate key areas in the brain and stimulate mood state change in the areas of relaxation, anxiety, emotion, and memory.

“Martha Stewart CBD offers consumers simple solutions to improve everyday wellness, and we’re thrilled to expand into a new category with the launch of these CBD Wellness Topicals,” says Canopy Growth VP of Skincare & Topicals Dr. Anna Persaud. “Proven to work and tested with consumers, these high-quality, effective topicals (sic) solutions are scientifically formulated and rigorously tested at the peak of industry standards, and the new line represents the latest innovation in Martha Stewart’s growing portfolio of accessible CBD offerings.”

Stewart’s new topical products contain broad-spectrum CBD produced in the United States.

According to the company, the products have market-leading levels of CBD with the lowest price per milligram compared to competitors.

At launch, Stewart’s CBD products will come in 20mL, 50mL, and 150 mL sizes.