Massachusetts Cannabis Commission Votes In Favor Of On-Site Consumption Pilot Program

On Thursday, the third and final day of discussions regarding potential policy changes to medicinal and adult-use cannabis regulations in Massachusetts, the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) voted 3-2 in favor of a proposal to launch a social consumption pilot program in the state.

The program would allow a limited number of communities across the state to permit businesses to have on-site marijuana consumption, including cannabis cafes and public events.

For the first two years, licenses for primary-use locations and municipality-sanctioned events would be exclusively available to licensed microbusinesses, craft cannabis cooperatives, and certified economic empowerment and social equity applicants.

Commissioners will vote on the pilot program and all other regulatory changes at a public meeting scheduled for May 30 before beginning a public comment period.

The changes must then receive final approval from the Commission before being promulgated by the Secretary of State.

But for the pilot program to proceed, there must first be a change in state law or new legislation to allow local jurisdictions to permit social consumption in their communities.

The program would allow up to 12 municipalities to permit businesses and events with on-site cannabis consumption, leaving each to set the cap on the number of available licenses.