MCOA Approved To Sell Medical Cannabis In Brazil

A California cannabis company has received approval to provide medical cannabis products for Brazilians.

Los Angeles-based Marijuana Company of America (MCOA) today announced that it gained approval from ANVISA to sell its hempSMART products in Brazil through physician prescriptions.

ANVISA is a Brazilian regulatory agency that established the country’s regulations for cannabidiol (CBD) and medical cannabis in 2019.

ANVISA’s responsibilities include ensuring medical cannabis products adhere to legal health and safety standards before distribution to Brazilian physicians and patients.

Regulations set forth by ANVISA describe manufacturing and importation procedures for medical CBD products and outline prescription, dispensing, marketing, monitoring, supervision requirements.

“We have been working with the Brazilian medical community with outreach and education about our premium hempSMART products, and this approval from ANVISA validates our premium hempSMART CBD products as a new class of medical cannabis-based products that can be prescribed by doctors,” says MCOA CEO Jesus Quintero. “Enabling patient safe and legal access while also creating a revenue generation opportunity for our company.”

According to MCOA, its hempSMART products can now be shipped directly to patients.

Brazil only permits CBD oil sales to medical cannabis patients with a prescription from their physician.

Patients must renew their prescription every 60 days.

With approximately 208 million people and the world’s 9th largest economy, MCOA says Brazil is a major market for its cannabis-based pharmaceutical products.

Quintero says the response to MCOA’s premium hempSMART products has been overwhelmingly positive.

According to Quintero, the response confirms what the company has known all along, that there is a need for premium products in the marketplace, such as hempSMART.

“We look forward to ramping up our growth and expansion plans,” says Quintero. “As well as continuing to build a strong partnership with Latin America, which shares our commutment to making high-quality premium CBD products.”