Medical Cannabis Delivery Arrives In Missouri

A multi-state cannabis delivery service is expanding operations into Missouri, becoming the first of its kind in the state.

California-based Doobie on Wednesday announced that it is entering the Missouri market as the state’s first medical cannabis delivery service.

In addition to California and Missouri, Doobie also operates in Massachusetts.

As part of Doobie’s entrance into the Missouri market, the company is partnering with JANE Dispensary, located on the Delmar loop in St. Louis.

To kick off its debut in Missouri, Doobie is offering complimentary delivery through the end of August.

Because state medical cannabis regulations require that orders be paid for before they are delivered, Doobie and JANE use the cashless Hypur electronic payment service.

“We’re proud to be the first delivery company to provide medical marijuana to patients in Missouri,” says Doobie Co-Founder Joseph Rubin. “By collaborating with JANE and delivering their products, we’ve been able to provide cannabis to those who need it.”

First Things First

To order medical cannabis delivery through Doobie, patients must first have a state-issued medical cannabis card.

Patients can obtain a medical cannabis card by visiting sites like Missouri Marijuana Card, Heally, or Elevate Holistics to receive certification.

Next, patients must register for the state’s medical cannabis program via the online application portal.

Along with a $25 fee, patients must use the application portal on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ online registry to submit the Certification for Medical Cannabis Form.

Qualified patients will receive their medical cannabis cards within 30 days.

To order products through Doobie, patients can visit to browse products by category or brand.

To answer patient questions, Doobie also provides one-on-one service with expert cannabis consultants through chat and over the phone.

Patients can also sign up to receive text updates and exclusive deals from Doobie.

After checking out, patients can track their deliveries in real-time.

Patients with questions about Doobie’s delivery services or menus can contact the company through the website or at 1-888-8DOOBIE.