Metrc Announces Contract With South Dakota

A provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States has announced a new contract with South Dakota.

Lakeland, Florida-based Metrc made the announcement on Wednesday, marking the company’s 20th government contract for its cannabis track-and-trace systems.

Metrc says its platform will help with data collection and regulatory oversight in South Dakota’s medical cannabis program.

Licensed operators using the Metrc system can track all activities relevant to a cannabis plant’s status and related product production.

Through Metrc’s proprietary RFID tag system, operators can trace plant harvests and packaging, even when combined with other plants during oil, edible, and concentrate production.

The Metrc system tracks a cannabis plant’s origin, testing results, handling, and chain of custody information.

“As South Dakota continues to ramp up their recently implemented medical cannabis market, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to spearhead the state’s first-ever track-and-trace program,” says Metrc CEO Jeff Wells. “Our team at Metrc is looking forward to working closely with the Departments of Health and Revenue, state regulators, and licensed operators to implement a strong regulatory framework that will effectively guide South Dakota’s newly emerging medical market down the path to success.”

With South Dakota using Metrc’s system, the company says it has government contracts with every region in the United States, including California, Alaska, and Washington D.C.

According to Metrc, there are diverse regulatory frameworks among each region and a shared focus on ensuring a cannabis market that is safe and legal.

Metrc says it is the favored partner of regulators and businesses in serving their individual needs and goals.