MMJ World Wide

At a glance: A small intro to medicinal marijuana policies from other countries.

By Marieval Yebra

As most of you know, the issue of medicinal cannabis has been under scrutiny for the last 30 years, of course, that’s not counting the amount of time that the public has looked at marijuana as a stage one drug.  So yeah we all know that this country has had its up and downs with this so called “gateway drug.” Should it be used for medicinal purposes? Should it be legalized for recreational use? If you live in the united states and are a marijuana smoker, you’re likely to know what your state’s policy is on whether it’s safe or not to toke in public.   If you are registered, like most of America is today, then you know how or where to get your hands on that beautiful green.

Well, I don’t know about you but, I like to learn how things work around the world as well as the country where I live. To be honest most of the time I like to learn about food from around the world. ( mostly the secret fast food menus. You should check them out if you haven’t) I guess a little side effect when It comes to smoking herb. Anyways, most of us probably know the difference in weed from around the world.  Thanks to all the social media! But whether or not the countries medicinal marijuana laws are just as bad ass as their weed is another issue completely.

So in honor of back to school month, I am here to inform you about some medical marijuana policies from around the world.  Who knows, it might help us better our system or maybe give another country a helping hand.


If you have been reading up on medical marijuana as of recent,  more than likely you know that at the moment, Israel is one of the leading countries in medical marijuana research and development.  With research going on since the 1960s concerning the medicinal properties that marijuana has to offer, it’s no surprise that they are one of the first countries to legalize marijuana…. for medicinal use only.  Recreational use is still illegal.  They are also one of three countries in the world to have a government sponsored cannabis program.  Not to mention, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has just opened a cannabis research center.

Puerto Rico

So in Puerto Rico, cannabis is now legal for medicinal use only. Seriously if granted use you are only allowed cannabis infused products from facilities’ that are state licensed.  There is absolutely no cultivation of marijuana even with the medical license and no actual herb.  In fact, possession of cannabis is a felony and will land in prison for 2 to 5 years and a five thousand dollar fine. Ouch!


In Canada as of recent, and when I say recent I mean in the last two years, it was illegal to have anything besides “dried” marijuana. Yeah, that’s right “dried” meaning that anything like oils, etc. was completely illegal.  In fact, in 2009 a baker who worked for the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada got into trouble for trafficking marijuana and unlawful possession via cookies. That’s right he was caught baking weed cookies and got busted. Yeah, that’s right, even though you were able to smoke with your license it was still illegal to bake with marijuana. So a judge presented with this case realized it was a little outdated to get into trouble for cooking with herbs and thought Canada should change their laws and guess what, they did! So now patients are allowed cannabis infused edibles and teas.  A little backward, but it works.

 As you can see, it does vary from place to place.  Whether or not the countries are a little stringent with their laws is left to question.  Who are we to judge, It works right.  But one thing is for sure that marijuana is now starting to separate itself from the “street drug” stigma.