Native Roots Launches Tissue Culture Program With FRB

A Colorado cannabis company is launching a new tissue culture program aimed at maintaining consistency and quality.

Native Roots today announced the establishment of a tissue culture program at its Denver facility through a partnership with Front Range Biosciences (FRB).

The culture program utilizes FRB’s proprietary Clean Stock platform.

Lafayette-based FRB made cannabis history in 2020 by sending hemp tissue cultures to the International Space Station via a SpaceX cargo flight.

Consistent Cannabis

Native Roots says the Clean Stock platform will allow the company to improve and maintain its ability to continue growing “high-quality, true-to-type” plants that deliver consistent effects to consumers with every harvest.

According to Native Roots, at launch, the program will be the first of its kind in Colorado, something the company says is a differentiating factor in a market where competition is growing.

“Front Range Biosciences has one of the most experienced teams in the industry when it comes to clean propagation practices,” says Native Roots CEO Jonathon Boord. “Native Roots an FRB are both committed to growing healthy plant stock that results in premium quality products, and we’re excited to see the results from this partnership.”

Boord says that as the market matures, product consistency is key for the consumer experience and would be a huge win for patients and customers who depend on Native Roots products to deliver consistent effects.

Native Roots says the Clean Stock program addresses common issues in cannabis cultivation like increasing yields, ensuring consistency, and safeguarding against pathogens.

The tissue culture process is used in other vegetative crops, though Native Roots says the Clean Stock program tailors the process specifically to the cannabis plant.

FRB co-founder and CEO Dr. Jon Vaught says cultivators have always known the importance of clean, healthy, and productive genetics to deliver quality cannabis products but have not had access to technology to reach that goal.

“Tissue culture and Clean Stock programs solve that problem, giving producers an advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape for consumer cannabis products,” says Dr. Vaught. “Native Roots has been a market leading cannabis company in Colorado and nationally. We’re proud they chose our technology platform to help them improve the consumer experience and reach their business goals.”