Nevada To Allow Cannabis Lounges

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has signed a bill that will allow specific sites to be established where people can legally use recreational marijuana.

The bill will make it possible to open cannabis lounges near dispensaries all around the state. The Senate added an amendment that allows local governments to implement tighter laws than the state if they choose.

Assembly Bill 341 was approved by the Nevada State Senate on Monday, May 31, by a vote of 17-3 before being signed by Governor Sisolak on Friday, June 4.

The measure aims to address a problem that arose when Nevada voters approved recreational marijuana usage in 2016. The law stated that it was unlawful to smoke marijuana outside of a private residence, leaving Nevada tourists with a lack of options.

AB 341 could have an impact on border towns that already have “pot tourists” from Utah.

Bringing recreational marijuana purchased from a Nevada dispensary across state boundaries is unlawful, though Utah medical cannabis patients technically get a pass under current state law.

Mayor Daniel Corona of West Wendover supports the idea of cannabis lounges if they are properly regulated.

In a text message to FOX 13 on Tuesday, Corona stated, “I was excited to see the bill pass and that it was altered to allow local governments to be more restrictive comparable to dispensaries.”

However, the mayor said it was uncertain when, if ever, such a facility would operate in West Wendover.

“I definitely think it’s a conversation that needs to happen soon,” he added, “but I’m not sure it will until someone comes forth with a proposal to open one.”

Mayor Al Litman of Mesquite has stated that he opposes cannabis lounges.


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