New York To Host Workshops For Cannabis Entrepreneurs

An educational workshop series is coming to New York in preparation for legal adult-use cannabis sales later this year.

The Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has announced it will host two virtual learning series workshops next week for people seeking information on obtaining first-round retail cannabis licenses.

The workshop series, entitled Get Ready, Get Set, focuses on helping cannabis-criminalization-impacted New Yorkers prepare to apply for adult-use licenses.

“We are building an industry for New Yorkers: for people stopped and frisked and convicted for carrying a plant, for small farmers struggling to compete with mega-corporations, for those who have been shut out of other industries for reasons beyond their control,” says OCM Executive Director Chris Alexander in a press release. “To make this happen, we are working to make sure every business owner with a cannabis-conviction, or their family member, knows how to apply for a CAURD license, and that includes connecting with community organizations across the state to spread the word.”

Alexander says they are designing similar outreach and support for all license types, and CAURD is only one of many opportunities to come for equity applicants.

In the week following the educational series, OCM will host listening series workshops that focus on supporting cannabis cultivation in New York and ensuring equity in the state industry.

Both the educational series and listening series will be streamed online.

To sign up for the workshops, visit the OCM website.

Educational Series

Tuesday, May 17
4:00 p.m.
-Am I Eligible for a CAURD License?
How do I Apply for a Conditional License?

Wednesday, May 18
4:00 p.m.
-How to Suppor Individuals with a Cannabis Conviction in Applying for License

Listening Series

Tuesday, May 24
4:00 p.m.
-How to Support Cannabis Cultivation in New York State

Wednesday, May 25
4:00 p.m.
-How to Ensure Equity in the New York State Cannabis Industry