NFL Free Agent Greg Robinson Facing Federal Cannabis Distribution Charges

National Football League (NFL) free agent Greg Robinson is facing federal cannabis distribution charges after U.S. Border Patrol Agents (BPA) found a large stash of marijuana in his rental vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint filed by federal authorities in El Paso, Texas this week, on Monday, February 17, 27-year-old Robinson, 26-year-old Jaquan Bray, and a third individual were driving from Los Angeles, where Robinson had rented the black 2020 Chevy Tahoe on Sunday, to Kenner, Louisiana.

The third individual was an Uber driver whom Robinson had met in 2018, according to the complaint.

When the three individuals reached El Paso, Robinson had Bray start driving.

The three reached the Western District of Texas at approximately 7:15 pm and entered the primary inspection area at the Sierra Blanca Checkpoint Station, where a narcotics canine conducting air-scents alerted its BPA handler to the rear cargo door of the Tahoe.

Agents asked Bray to park the vehicle in the secondary inspection area for a more thorough examination, which revealed several large duffel bags stuffed with approximately 157 (156.9) pounds of cannabis.

BPA also found 23 glass Mason jars, an electronic scale, $3,100 in cash, a pair of jeans, and a red-and-yellow, 90-pound, Automatic 420 Single-Ended Electric Can Sealer.

According to the federal complaint, as the three approached the secondary inspection area, Robinson offered to pay the third individual if they would claim that the cannabis was theirs.

The individual refused and said that they would have not driven with them if they had known that there were drugs in the vehicle.

“While in custody, ROBINSON and BRAY’s cell phones were receiving various calls and text messages,” states the complaint. “On the front screen, in plain view, SAs observed three text messages on ROBINSON’s phone from a contact listed as “Grow House Indoor.”

The Assistant United State’s Attorney’s Office accepted prosecution against Johnson and Bray but declined to prosecute the third individual, referred to as Passenger-2 in the complaint.

The criminal complaint against Johnson and Bray charges the pair with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, which faces them with up to 20 years in prison if they are convicted.

The criminal complaint is only a charge and is not considered evidence of guilt; Robinson will be presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.