Non-alcoholic THC Brews From the Heart of San Diego’s Craft Beer Scene

California’s first THC-infused, non-alcoholic craft brew, will make you rethink your typical beer choice. The pale ale inspired cannabis drink is brewed by High Style Brewing Companies.

Candid Chronicle spoke to Megan Haap, of High Style about the passion, dedication, and integrity that the brewing company practices while providing a whole new take on adult beverages.

“High Style was created to provide consumers with an innovative cannabis consumption experience that not only delivers on taste and quality but provides an uplifting and consistent high. Born out of a love of craft brewing and cannabis, our founders married the two and are excited to continue innovating in the cannabis beverage space,” says Haap.

Coming from the heart of San Diego’s renown craft beer scene, High Style Brewing Company has high standards for exceptionally brewed beverages. High Style went through many rounds of research, development, and recipe creation to craft cannabis-infused products that met company standards. 

The results are their shining stars, the Pale Haze, Blood Orange Haze, and Grapefruit Haze THC brews. The brews contain 50 calories per bottle, 10 mg of THC per dose, and leave you with an uplifting high. The results are similar to a beer but much better; crafted by master brewers for a smooth finish, refreshing buzz, crisp effervescence, yet no alcohol and no hangover.


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“We handcraft and bottle each and every High Style beverage from start to finish. This level of love and attention to detail allows us to maintain extremely consistent dosing, flavor, and quality, as well as to focus on environmental sustainability and innovation,” says Haap.

As far as the future of cannabis, Megan says, “We anticipate the future of cannabis will be mainstream, widely accepted and full of innovation, creativity and positive impacts on human health and wellbeing. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey.” 

For the future of High Style Brewing Company, Megan adds that they would love to look back see that High Style Brewing Company played a noteworthy role in the normalization of cannabis, “and of course, to see our products available throughout the rest of the country and beyond, as well as to see many more varieties of High Style beverages.”

High Style Brewing Company products are available at licensed retailers throughout the state of California.

Two Roots Brewing, also based in San Diego, has a line of de-alcoholized cannabis-infused beverages with flavors like Enough Said, Tropical Infamy, New West, Rich Creamy Goodness, and Sonder.

Popular brewing company, Lagunitas, also offers a THC infused, brew inspired beverage, Hi-Fi Hops. However, it’s more like seltzer than a beer. Lagunitas’ THC beverages contain no alcohol, no carbs, and are infused with sun-grown cannabis from Absolute Extracts.

On the other side of the US, Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery, plans to introduce 6-packs of their THC infused India Pale Ale. Hop Chronic IPA, a non-alcoholic cannabis beverage will be available to Medical Marijuana patients at medical dispensaries in Maryland.