NY Cannabis Regulators Propose New Rules

Draft regulations for cannabis testing labs, packaging, labeling, marketing, and advertising have received preliminary approval in New York.

On Wednesday, New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) gave unanimous approval to the new draft regulations, which will begin a 60-day public comment period on June 15.

OCM also approved 16 new adult-use conditional cultivation licenses, bringing the statewide total to 162.

OCM says that awarding the licenses demonstrates the advancement of the equity-centric Seeding Opportunity Initiative.

According to OCM, the regulations, which include requirements for child-resistant packaging and testing procedures, focus on helping protect public health and reducing waste.

The regulations also outline packaging rules, including requirements for labels that identify products that contain THC.

“Protecting public health, reducing harm, and promoting sustainable industry practices are key components of legalizing cannabis for adult-use, and I look forward to considering these regulations as we develop the industry,” says Board Chair Tremaine Wright. “We are committed to building a New York cannabis industry that sets high standards for protecting children and keeping products safe and sustainable.”

Among the proposed regulations are restrictions on any packaging that looks attractive to young people or includes false or misleading statements.

The rules also prohibit marketing cannabis to young people and describe what businesses need to do to keep minors from inadvertently being captured by their advertising.

The proposed regulations would create application and approval processes for independent cannabis testing labs and lab sampling firms.

Under the proposed regulations, labs certified to test under the Department of Health may also test medical and adult-use cannabis under OCM.

“These regulations we’re proposing to the Cannabis Control Board today are another big step forward for the industry we’re building,” says OCM Executive Director Chris Alexander. “As they set the rules to help keep products away from children and ensure they’re of the highest quality and safe to consume.”