Omura Brings The Heat With Series X

There’s a new vaporizer in town, and it’s packing heat.

But you won’t feel the burn.

Southern California-based Omura recently released the Series X, a cannabis flower vaporizer that uses Heat-Not-Burn technology to deliver a consistently clean, sustainable, and enjoyable experience.

Your green is golden with the Series X

Don’t get burned, get vaporized.

Omura’s patented heat curve technology gradually heats cannabis flower, facilitating a full spectrum entourage effect.

The Series X simplifies and stylizes cannabis flower consumption without the need for a grinder, rolling papers, a bong, or a pipe.

And a lighter is certainly unnecessary.

Instead, the Series X uses Omura’s proprietary Flowersticks, making the vaporizing experience quick and straightforward.

High Style Made Easy

Using the Series X is easy.

Load a Flowerstick into the Series X, flower end first, and the device will turn on automatically.

LEDs will signal that the device is heating up.

After about 30 seconds, the Series X will vibrate and light all LEDs to signal that it is ready to use.

Inhale vapor from the Flowerstick with long, slow pulls until the end of your session.

Remove the Flowerstick from the Series X, and the device will shut off.

For recharging, the Series X comes paired with an equally-stylish drop-in base, making it easy to prepare for future sessions.

Omura offers a selection of Flowersticks filled with CBD or THC flowers that the company sources from prominent cultivators that meet brand standards.

But if you would like to use cannabis flower from your stash in the Series X, Omura has you covered.

Omura also sells empty stick packs that users can load with their preferred strains and pop into the Series X.

Certified rainforest-safe paper that Omura uses in its Flowersticks is biodegradable and compostable as well.

Design in Mind

Series X is the newest offering from Omura, building upon the company’s Series 1 model.

The Omura Series X is the next level of cannabis flower consumption

The Series X is sleek and sexy.

A team of designers, engineers, and cannabis flower enthusiasts founded Omura in 2018 with the goal of making flower consumption more convenient and approachable to newcomers and experienced users.

The Series X owes its sleek and sexy form factor to industrial designer Michael Young, who has previously worked with high-profile mainstream entities like Coca-Cola and Bacardi.

The device comes in metallic quartz, jade, slate, and gold colors.

Score a Free Series X

The Omura Series X currently retails for $99.99, but Candid Chronicle is giving a lucky reader the chance to receive one for free along with two refill packs.

Just head to the Stoner Stimulus page and fill out the form to be entered into the contest.

The Omura Series X giveaway ends at noon on April 1, 2021 PST.

Candid Chronicle will choose the winner of the contest at random and notify them via email.