Pennsylvania Woman Stabs Husband Over Medicinal Cannabis

By Benjie Cooper

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Officers in Adams County, Pennsylvania arrested a Littlestown woman Monday after she attempted to murder her husband over medical marijuana.

According to a police report from Officer Anthony Gilberto, seventy-year-old Palma Conrad became angry during an argument with her husband Richard after he told her that he wanted to start using medical cannabis.

Richard was napping in his recliner after the argument when Palma entered the room with a knife and stabbed him in the chest. When the blade bounced out after the first stab, Richard came at his wife and punched her in the eye in an attempt to get her to stop stabbing him.

The woman later admitted to police that she was upset over the medical cannabis and thoughts of killing her husband had rattled around inside her head for about a month.

Palma scratched and clawed at Richard’s face, stabbed him in the mouth, and even stuck her fingers into a stab wound that she inflicted in the victim’s neck and pulled during the murder attempt.

At one point, Richard told Palma to call 911 because he was dying.

When Officer Gilberto arrived at the scene, he placed Palma in the back of his police vehicle after she told him her husband was on the floor inside the house, dying. When Gilberto entered the residence, he found Richard on the floor covered in blood and asking for help

In addition to the first knife that Palma stabbed Richard with, Gilberto also discovered a pair of scissors on a pillow, a large butcher’s knife under the coffee table, and a steak knife on the kitchen island, all covered in blood.

Emergency personnel transported Richard to York hospital where he underwent surgery and was last reported to be in stable condition.

Palma Conrad, who is facing attempted murder, attempted homicide, and aggravated assault charges, is currently being held at Adams County Prison with a preliminary hearing scheduled for November 7.

According to Gilberto’s report, Palma was disappointed to find out that Richard had survived the stabbing.