Plant Activation Meditation with Atom Rose

By Jayna Anderson
IG: @snowleoppy

While at Desert Daze this past weekend, I took two hours for my body & mind. First, I powered through a Black Metal Yoga Class. It tested my thigh strength more than my mental fortitude. I don’t mind Black Metal so much, but I feel like for a BMY class to be effective the music must be blaring!! But who am I to say, it was only my first class at a dust festival in the desert.

Next, an hour-long guided meditation with Atom Rose. We started off the class recognizing our intentions for that meditation; forming a mental connection with plants before we slipped into our cleared thoughts. Atom spoke heavily about a plant tincture he was handing out, called Madre Sagrada. The blend has Banisteriopsis Caapi, which is commonly known as ayahuasca.

The tonic that Atom administered holds no psychoactive properties and is fully legal in the US. Ayahuasca stimulates the DMT already dormant within your body, but the tonic itself has no DMT, which makes it legal. The tonic is sustainably made by the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon.

This plant medicine he held in his hands would serve as a catalyst for each recipient of it to naturally slip into a deeper meditation.

Wow. I haven’t reached deep levels of meditation like that unless in a sound bath. I felt connected to the ground only through my sit bone. As I let go of my wandering thoughts and settled into the mediation, my body drifted skyward. I lost sensation in all of my lower body aside from the sit bone, and my body started spinning. Initially, this physical feeling was intense, so potent, that I thought I had left the earth. I no longer felt that I was sitting among the group; however, I kept grounded in my sit bone and allowed that to be my connective thread to this earth.

Physically, my body was corkscrewing through space. All of this movement came from deep inside of me, while my outer layer of flesh seemed to have melted away. My mind was clear, there was no direct th

ought “I am flowing through space,” but there was an intense awareness.

I am no meditation specialist. I use meditation & mindfulness practices in my life to help stay centered, aware, and level. This experience blew my mind. It was an intense out of body experience. Afterward, I felt as if I had just stretched every inch of my being towards the moon. My legs were numb to the point of having to massage feeling back into the toes. This freaked me out a little bit, but it was well worth the pins and needles.

This experience wouldn’t have occurred if I haven’t been avidly practicing meditation at home; I don’t think I would have easily slipped into such a deep and profound moment in the fabric of time if I hadn’t been almost unknowingly preparing for this experience.

I am so grateful that Atom was able to impart his knowledge on the meditative group. The Madre Sagrada tonic costs $65 on Atom’s site with code “Festival” with an additional $4 shipping cost due to refrigeration needs. Now I need to know, who wants to split a bottle with me?

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