Playboy Launches Cannabis Law Reform And Advocacy Campaign

Having recently entered the world of retail cannabidiol (CBD) products, Playboy Enterprises has begun a new cannabis policy reform campaign focused on policy, people, and culture.

Playboy in September announced the launch of a cannabis law reform and advocacy campaign that continues the company’s longstanding efforts for the legalization, decriminalization, and destigmatization of marijuana.

Playboy has partnered with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the Veterans Cannabis Project, and the Eaze Momentum Program for the campaign.

Playboy has supported cannabis legalization for decades and was the founding donor for NORML in 1970.

In addition to calling for cannabis legalization across the United States, Playboy’s new campaign creates mentorship and Playboy Foundation grant programs to support underrepresented entrepreneurs and people who are unjustly imprisoned.

Playboy magazine has long declared the war on drugs to be a failure that has created inequality in the criminal justice system.

“Since its inception, Playboy has fought for cultural progress rooted in the core values of equality, freedom of expression, and the idea that pleasure is a fundamental human right,” says Playboy Enterprises CMO Rachel Webber. “For far too long, our nation”s policy toward cannabis has been backward and punitive, leading to decades of injustice in our legal system and to social stigma and shame.”

Webber says that the company believes that it is its duty to advocate for cannabis law reform and is proud to use its platforms and resources to support the cause.

The new campaign builds on an action plan that Playboy announced in June that calls for social justice for black Americans.

In an op-ed, Playboy CEO Ben Kohn called for Congress to pass the MORE Act, which would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act and expunge cannabis convictions from criminal records.

Playboy and its campaign partners will promote voter guides and encourage its audiences to participate in local, state, and national elections in 2020, where relevant legislation or pro-cannabis candidates are on the ballot.

Playboy has also relaunched the Playboy Foundation, with $250,000 in initial funding to support organizations that are fighting injustice.

Playboy says that it is committed to pushing boundaries through its editorials and products, having conversations about social justice and freedom, and working to ensure “pleasure for all.”