Playboy Reveals New Spread Of CBD Products

After 66 years of publishing articles, cartoons, and provocative images of women from a variety of walks of life, Hugh Hefner’s rabbit-eared brand is entering the world of cannabidiol (CBD) to expand upon its existing range of sexual wellness products.

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (Playboy) today announced the launch of a new line of broad-spectrum CBD-based products designed to “enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure.”

The line’s three debut products include an intimacy gel, a female-focused intimacy spray, and a relaxing bath bomb that is infused with broad-spectrum hemp oil, essential oils, and rose petals.

The intimacy gel is made with water-soluble CBD powder, maca root, and horny goat weed, while the vanilla-scented arousal spray contains kava kava, vitamin B3, and creates a warming sensation.

Playboy Sex and Culture Editor Anita Little says that the company’s new CBD products are part of its continued efforts to help close the orgasm gap and that the goal is to provide people with knowledge and sexual wellness products so that they can achieve their most-fulfilling sexual experiences.

“Our ambition at Playboy is to help everybody and every body explore and pursue pleasure,” says Little. “While Playboy helped usher in the first sexual revolution, there’s more work to do to ensure all can access pleasure. We know women in particular experience orgasm less frequently than their male sexual partners.”

According to Playboy, independent scientific research indicates that 85 percent of men climaxed during their last sexual encounter compared to 64 percent of women.

Additionally, Playboy reports that 95 percent of heterosexual men always experience orgasm during sex compared to 65 percent of women.

In addition to the release of Playboy’s new products, the company has also developed a three-part educational course through a partnership with women’s health start-up Allbodies.

Through the course, people can learn about arousal techniques, the biology of orgasms, and how to build confidence in communicating about pleasure.

Allbodies co-founder Lauren Bille will host the classes with Penda N’diaye and feature sex educators Myisha Battle, Jimanekia Eborn, and Sonalee Rashatwar.

Bille says that Allbodies has always been focused on helping people find more freedom, power, and fun with their bodies through education; a concept that she says aligns perfectly with Playboy’s new products.