Police Catch Jimmy John’s Driver Delivering Cannabis Sandwich

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Police in Minnesota busted a Jimmy John’s delivery driver during a traffic stop last week when an officer discovered that individual had added some devil’s lettuce to one of their sandwiches.

Officer Starry with the Osseo Police Department pulled over the delivery vehicle for a moving violation but detected the scent of cannabis as she walked up.

“As she approached the vehicle, she detected a ‘free smell’ coming from the vehicle,” wrote the Osseo Police Department on their Facebook page after the incident. “Except that free smell wasn’t that of a tasty Turkey Tom or Vito sandwich. It was this….and no, that is not a pickle or oregano adorning that sandwich.”

What the officer discovered was a plastic-wrapped bundle of marijuana stuffed in the middle of a Jimmy John’s sandwich.

Medicinal cannabis is legal in Minnesota, but without a card, penalties can range from a $200 fine and enrollment in a drug education program for possession of fewer than 42.5 grams to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine for amounts up to ten kilograms. Penalties continue to increase with the amount possessed.

“Moral of the story, don’t hide your weed inside your sub sandwich,” wrote Osseo PD. “We can still smell it behind all the other deliciousness. #drugsAreBadMmmkay #Nice Try #FreeSmells.”

Minnesota is likely to be one of the next states to legalize cannabis as pro-marijuana Governor-elect Tim Walz [D] has promised to “replace the current failed policy with one that “trusts adults to make personal decisions based on their personal freedoms.”

The sandwich had an extra filling

Some people don’t like lettuce

Sandwich Images: Osseo PD Facebook