Possible Ghost Spooks Oregon City Dispensary Employees

The term high spirits has possibly never been more apropos.

Oregon City has a reputation as a paranormal location with popular haunts like the McLoughlin House, and the adjacent Barclay House. But now it appears as if the town can add a local cannabis dispensary to their list of haunted spots.

Some eerie security footage from the Five Zero Trees shop in the downtown area of Oregon City, Oregon has employees believing that they might have a visitor who isn’t just there for the prerolls.

Employee Andy Gomez was working a shift on August 11 when a jar of flower appeared to slowly move across a counter and fall over the edge onto a display case.

A short time later, the video shows a pair of pens moving around in a glass jar on top of a counter.

“As it was happening, I kind of felt like someone was standing next to me,” Gomez told KGW, motioning to the counter. “…like, right here.”

Another video clip from June 8 shows a pair of pink and white scissors moving inside of the glass jar, apparently on their own.

According to KGW, the dispensary brought a group of ghost investigators to conduct a survey of the building, during which they discovered temperature fluctuations which they felt could be indicative of paranormal activity.