Prison Drug Counselor Charged For Bringing Drugs To Prison

A former drug counselor at the Adams County Adult Correctional Complex (ACACC) in Pennsylvania and others have been charged with smuggling contraband into the facility.

Adams County District Attorney Brian Sinnett on Thursday announced that 25-year-old Kody Fuller of Thomasville, Pennsylvania, and two others are being charged for their roles in the introduction and distribution of controlled substances to inmates at ACACC.

On April 24, 2020, Warden Katy Hileman reported to Pennsylvania State Police Gettysburg that Fuller was bringing illegal contraband into the prison and giving it to 24-year-old inmate Terrence Pearsall.

When interviewed by Warden Hileman, Fuller admitted to speaking with Pearsall about bringing suboxone and cannabis into the prison.

Fuller claimed that Pearsall found out that he had a problem smoking weed and threatened to have him drug tested if he refused to smuggle suboxone and cannabis into the prison for him.

According to a police report, Pearsall was selling the suboxone strips to other inmates for $100-120 each using a cash app.

Fuller said that he met Pearsall’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Greta Hashani of Harrisburg, on April 12 in York, where she gave him a package containing the requested drugs.

Fuller later admitted to receiving approximately $200 for the transaction.

According to Hashani, Fuller told her that he was going to repackage the drugs before bringing them into the prison.

Fuller took the package and brought its contents to Pearsall on April 13, claiming that the one incident was the only time that he brought drugs into the prison.

The police report states that video surveillance shows Fuller taking Pearsall into a counseling room, where Fuller admitted to giving him a package containing illegal contraband.

A search of Pearsall’s cell on April 24 turned up 13 suspected suboxone strips hidden in the waistband of his sweatpants.

Prison staff also searched Fuller’s backpack, where they found a container of synthetic urine with a temperature gauge, hand warmers for heating the synthetic urine, and two pocketknives.

Fuller admitted that the container synthetic urine was for passing a drug screen.

“It is simply unconscionable that someone employed at the jail to counsel and rehabilitate inmates suffering from drug addictions and problems would take the outrageous step of illegally introducing controlled substances into a correctional facility,” said Sinnett. “There is simply no tolerance for that behavior, and it will be dealt with to the fullest extent provided by law.”

Pennsylvania State Trooper Cameron Beck charged Fuller with Delivery of a Controlled Substance, Introduction of Contraband, Criminal Conspiracy, and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility.

Hashani and Pearsall also received the same charges as Fuller.

Fuller, Pearsall, and Hashani were arraigned by Magisterial District Judge Matthew Harvey and have preliminary hearings scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 2020.