Professional Bull Riders Unveils Official CBD Line

An international professional bull riding organization based in Colorado has announced a partnership with an American cannabis company to produce a custom cannabidiol (CBD) product line.

The Pueblo-based Professional Bull Riders (PBR) today announced a multi-year agreement with Audacious to manufacture, distribute, and market the new Wreck Relief products.

According to Audacious, the collaboration is one of the most expansive partnerships between a CBD brand and a major professional sports association.

Audacious says the partnership will help further normalize the use of CBD in recovery-related applications.

The line of Wreck Relief products will include roll-on, gel, and spray products, infused with menthol, lidocaine, and 500 milligrams of CBD.

The products will debut November 3-7 at the 2021 PBR World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada, and become available at large retail chains in 2022.

Audacious says the launch will mark one of the first times a major professional sports organization has licensed CBD products.

“Professional bull riders are considered among the toughest athletes in sports, followed by hard-working fans who often hold physically demanding jobs that take a toll on their bodies,” says PBR Commissioner and CEO Sean Gleason. “PBR has long been an innovator in providing reach and value to our brand partners, and we are very excited to again break new ground in helping Audacious tell their story while we also participate in researching the benefits of CBD products for our athletes.”

Audacious says the multi-year deal will utilize PBR as a national brand-building and awareness platform, building visibility among approximately 83 million fans of the bull riding sport.

According to industry insider estimates, the United States CBD market will hit $23 billion by 2023, which Audacity says will provide a huge opportunity for a brand focused on quality, distribution, and nationwide visibility.

Audacity says that, beyond PBR’s large fanbase, the organization has a significant social media footprint with 2 billion annual impressions and 700 million video views.

Additionally, CBS broadcasts PBR events to millions of viewers, giving a high level of visibility for the new product line among a CBD-friendly audience.

Audacious Chief Business Development Officer Leah Bailey says there is tremendous synergy between the new CBD products and PBR, considering the physical strain that riders endure.

“As these products are integrated into the PBR athletes’ wellness regime and PBR’s comprehensive rider development program, we believe we will gain new ambassadors for our brand and products,” says Bailey. “We are very excited about this partnership, as PBR will help us build a credible brand in the CBD/recovery category that is not just for athletes but for everyone looking to integrate the potential benefits of CBD into their overall wellness routine.”

Bailey says she looks forward to the official launch of the new Audacious brand in November and working with the PBR team to introduce their audience and other active adults to their CBD products.

Promotional elements of the new partnership will include in-arena commercials and digital signs at PBR events, TV-visible signage in bucking chute and rider walk-off areas, and custom PBR social media content.

The PBR Sports Medicine team will also become the Audacious PBR Wreck Relief Sports Medicine Team.

Audacious says that its CBD products will also become part of the PBR Sport Performance Center in Pueblo, a training, development, and recovery facility designed for western sports athletes.

Audacious says that PBR athletes will also participate in a program researching and evaluating the benefits of CBD products.