Q&A Highlights with Mandi Kerr of the Global Hemp Association

Mandi Kerr, founder of The Global Hemp Association is committed to assimilating the entirety of the Hemp Industry into one body.

Mandi has spent her career bringing people together.

Just a few minutes of speaking with Mandi will have you admiring her innate ability to find what connects people. Something which, in her professional experience in marketing, event promotions, and networking events, has helped her bring businesses millions in revenue.

One day Mandi was at a CBD event, doing what she does best – meeting and mingling. She noticed that everyone at the event had the same passion for hemp, but a different way to use it.

Mandi wondered if she could connect everyone in this industry, and thus the Global Hemp Association (GHA) was born.

As the first nonprofit organization on the planet aimed at being the platform for unifying each market segment of the Industrial Hemp industry.  Mandi began to organize symposiums dedicated to providing a network for all aspects of the industry to talk to each other.

Although GHA has barely launched they have produced over 200 videos of their symposiums. Which to Mandi, is just starting with their mission.

And, with the community showing increasing support, the GHA and Mandi are further fueled to proceed.

On the GHA Youtube channel, Mandi podcasts interviews with various leaders around the globe, not just hemp, but in any industry that can help grow the market and connect with other leaders to continue hemp’s exponential advance.

Candid Chronicle had the pleasure of connecting with Mandi to Highlight some of her background and views on HEMP–enjoy!


Where are you based?
How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

I was given an awesome opportunity to work for a merchant services company that was focused on the CBD industry. While working for this company, I traveled to events and learned of the challenges and opportunities presenting themselves. I realized the industry needed a place for Executives to connect and build the supply chain.

If you are part of an organization, how and why did you create it?
I started the Global Hemp Association by hosting local B2B events to connect the Hemp industry in Utah. When the pandemic started and things shut down, I switched to hosting virtual events & meetings. It was apparent that business owners needed a place to connect and drive conversation about the quickly evolving industry. With a full calendar, I started building the organization and board.
What sets you apart in the cannabis industry?Mandi-Kerr-Global-Hemp_association
I have focused on the Industrial Hemp Industry. Manufacturing, Biofuels, Textiles, etc. I don’t have an invested interest in any business other than the Association. My focus has been to build and connect the Supply Chain and Advance the Industry. I’ve done over 200 interviews with ‘Hemp’ Executives and host 8-10 member events/month. I’ve focused on bridging the gap between the industry and brands.
What life changes occurred when you entered the cannabis industry?
I became educated about parts of the world that I’d not had an interest in previously. I found my passion where I didn’t think it existed. I found myself able to serve people and surround myself with global leaders.
What about the cannabis industry and community do you love?
I am surrounded by people who are passionate about making change for the better.
Do you have any frustrations, hopes, fears as cannabis changes?
From our small rural farmer to our large distribution, I hope we can collaborate to develop an industry that protects and supports everyone along the supply chain.
What were some of your challenges getting started in cannabis?
As with so many of us, some of the biggest challenges I experienced was trying to find resources and filter who’s who. When I started it seemed like everyone was the BEST and BIGGEST and knew the most and….just ask them. Finding credible resources was tricky for so many.
Where would you like to see yourself in the cannabis industry three years from now?
  1. Processing and Manufacturing Industrial Hemp Products
  2. Podcast Host
  3. Chair – Global Hemp Association
What does the future of cannabis look like to you?
AMAZING! It’s exciting to see the opportunities evolving. The youth of our time are going to make a HUGE impact with HEMP. They are smart and they see the impact from the past without Hemp.
How do you plan to make a positive difference in the cannabis industry?
Continued education. I’ll continue interviewing executives within the industry to provide education and resources to both industry leaders and brands interested in utilizing hemp.
What makes you proud or gratified to be a part of the “legal” cannabis industry?
Hemp addresses HUGE Global Concerns and we get to be a part of it. The Brilliant minds involved in the industry are above all my favorite part of being involved in the Cannabis industry. The goals these professionals have to change the world are no small tasks and only their level of passion can take on such goals and accomplish them. WE GET TO BE A PART OF IT!
Do you consume cannabis? If so, how do you prefer to consume and what’s your favorite?

I do smoke concentrates and flower but still unsure about a favorite strain or product, there are so many!



For more follow The Global Hemp Association on Instagram or go to www.globalhempassociation.org


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