Rapper RiFF RAFF Partners With bioMDplus, CBD Oil Use Improves Quality Of Life

Georgia-based manufacturer of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil tinctures, bioMDplus, has announced a partnership with Texas hip-hop performer and recording artist RiFF RAFF.

According to CEO Daniel Levitt, bioMDplus has partnered with RiFF RAFF to educate consumers on the potential benefits of CBD use.

RiFF RAFF is currently on his seventy-city Cranberry Vampire tour, where he is expected to connect with up to 25,000,000 fans at concerts and through social media.

“Whenever I am touring it requires me to be at my best physically and mentally for up to 30 days/nights in a row,” says RiFF RAFF. “Since I have discovered CBD…Now, whenever I am feeling any discomfort, I take a dropper full (1mL) and then go on about my day pain-free.”

By using CBD, the rapper says that he has more energy and time to focus on the tasks at hand without being distracted by chronic pain.

Stemming from RiFF RAFF’s love for his dogs, the rapper is also currently working with bioMDplus to formulate a proprietary CBD blend enhanced with naturally-occurring terpenes for pets that should be available for purchase within the first three months 2020.

Levitt says that bioMDplus’ CBD oils are unrivaled in quality and owe their incredible efficacy to the company’s proprietary blend of terpenes that is formulated to support the individual lifestyle goals of users.

In recent comparison testing against more than 130 of the leading CBD brands, bioMDplus CBD was voted as the Best CBD Oil on PopularCBDBrands.com.