Regenerative Cannabis Holds Event At UN Dining Room

An organization focused on serving the cannabis and hemp industries held an informational event last week.

On Thursday, May 5, San Francisco-based Regenerative Cannabis (RC) held the Regenerative Cannabis Live Event at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room.

The event included keynote addresses and panels on ESG business frameworks, restorative justice, energy use, energy efficiency, and the future of cannabis and hemp medicine.

RC produced the event in partnership with Hawthorne Gardening Company and Media Sourcery.

According to RC, the event featured a capacity crowd and more than 1,000 live stream viewers worldwide.

The multi-stakeholder event, which RC says aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, focused on economic, social, and environmental factors that the cannabis industry faces now and in the future.

RC says the event was the first in a series of events to bring government, nonprofit, and corporate decision-makers together.

According to RC, the events will center around authentic, action-oriented discussion.

Regennabis CEO Patrick McCartan says last week’s event was a powerful day of knowledge, expertise, and insight sharing.

“Our defining mantra is the need to democratize opportunities in cannabis and hemp while accelerating the innovation, products, and services that will drive sustainable development and equitable growth,” says Regennabis CGO Geoff Trotter. “The powerhouse line-up on May 5 at the UN and the 1,000 individuals who livestreamed the event are a testament to the growth and success of the industry and its alignment to long-term sustainable development.”

Among the attendees at last week’s event were Malta Minister for Environment, Energy, and Enterprise Dr. Miriam Dalli, Paraguay Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Ing. Moises Santiago Bertoni, Marijuana Policy Project President Toi Hutchinson, and Bhang Inc. CEO Jamie Pearson.

“My deepest gratitude and appreciation to Regennabis for the invatation to speak on a panel reframing [Cannabis & Hemp as] the future of medicine,” says Halal Hemp Founder Tengku Chanela Jamidah Ibrahim. “This is the first step in a long journey for us but I believe this is the beginning of many successful partnerships and relationships. Onwards and upwards from here!”

RC says global hemp, adult-use cannabis, and medical cannabis industries will significantly impact a country’s social, economic, and environmental growth.

As a result, says RC, the industries will drive solutions to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.