Robotic Drones For Farming Hemp Clones

The future of hemp farming is taking flight with the implementation of robotic workers.

Cloud-based blockchain software company Epazz, Inc. today announced that its holding Zenatech, Inc. has begun beta testing the ZenaDrone 1000 in Ireland.

According to the company, the ZenaDrone 1000 is the first of many new drone technologies currently under development at ZenaTech.

Epazz says that one of the technologies that ZenaTech is developing is a mobile power station to recharge drones thousands of feet from power outlets.

The innovation is part of Zenatech’s wireless charging pad technology.

“The charging pad is key to autonomous drone activities,” says Epazz CEO Dr. Shaun Passley. “The mobile power station will extend the range of the ZenaDrone 1000, allowing it to cover more ground during a period of time.”

Epazz says the Zenadrone will be a workhorse for hemp farms with the ability to scan hemp fields and remove male plants to double female hemp plant production.

ZenaTech’s ZenaPay platform tracks, monitors, and calculates plant life cycles in real-time to provide data extraction for management, auditing reports, and certifying the plant’s life cycle from start to finish.

Users will be able to manage multiple drones at once through a mobile app.

According to Epazz, ZenaTech may also market the ZenaDrone for 24-hour coverage of livestock and wildlife protection.

Epazz says that it can modify the ZenaDrone’s multispectral sensors to create a tracking system for each animal, though more research is required.

The company believes that it can use facial recognition technology for animals.

Epazz says that it will release more details in the coming weeks.