Roots Institute Launch Party

By: Katie Burke

Marijuana events bringing entrepreneurs together in the industry are relatively new to the cannabis world. The Roots Institute was formed in the last few months as an accelerator for cannabis entrepreneurs. Roots Institute members will gain access to a full-service workspace and the marketing, talent, mentorship, and capital needed to commercialize and scale their business.

The group had their soft launch in downtown San Diego on March 14. It was an impressive event. The group looking to bring quality, like-minded business ideas and people together charged a $25 fee for entrance. The cost ultimately brought people together that were serious about growing their business. Many people that attend these types of events with the cannabis community tend to come and make it a more social experience; they want to meet new people, consume, and enjoy themselves. The Roots Institute was different in that the fee helped bring people together for a few hours to concentrate on business expansion and development. People did seem to enjoy themselves. There was a keg, red and white wine, soda’s, waters, and Panda Express.

Attendees came from different parts of the industry. They included a company called PotDrive, which is an organization geared towards technology. They are coming out with an application in the next few weeks that will connect dispensaries, deliveries, B2B, Legal and Cannabis Doctors Worldwide.

Canna Lab deFluer, formulates CBD extractions for oils, creams, hair products, makeup and pet products.

SeedVault, a seed company with over 20 different strains to choose from. An excellent connection for cultivators looking for quality seeds.

This event also drew investors, innovators, and dispensary owners. Attendees seemed to be extremely impressed with the quality of networking, workspace, and ambiance. The event was held in the courtyard with plenty of seating, food, and drink. The community is eager to see what the next Roots Institute meeting will bring.