Sesh While You Set at Oklahoma Nail Salon

“They can bring their own vapes, a bong, a hookah, bowls, any edibles…all [are] welcome here.” the owner of Hybrid Nail Salon, Elizabeth Brown told Tulsa Local News.

She has decided that her customers deserved a luxurious experience of a Cannabis friendly nail salon. Not only are patrons permitted to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) but they are also able to access Netflix or the pool table in the main room.

Cannabis Friendly Nail Solon Promo image with Cannabis on recently pedicured clean feet

Photo from Hybrid Nail Salon Instagram

Brown explains that she opened the business in May with a stimulus check during the pandemic and things were slow. The nail salon sparked a lot of interest on social media now though. She now has 100,000 followers on TIK Tok. She predicted that this niche would catch fire because cannabis friendly has been a very hot topic in Oklahoma.

The owner of Hybrid Nail Salon, Elizabeth Brown, says, “I wanted it to be a very friendly, welcoming environment…I don’t want clients to feel like they have to rush to get out of their seat.”

Photo from Hybrid Nail Salon Instagram

The owner of the cannabis friendly nail salon told the media she always wanted to be a nail technician but wanted to offer something different and unique.

Brown said that owning a business during a pandemic has not been easy. She shared further that she has kept her business running by borrowing money and selling her car.

The Salon is located near East 21st and Mingo Valley Expressway.