Shez So Waxy, Shez SO Chill

Kathleen McLean sat with the SD born-and-raised owner of Shez So Waxy Goodies, a medicated juice, canna lean, and candy company.

Kathleen: Is your brand known for edibles and juices?

Shez So Waxy: Yes, but mostly juices.

K: Do you go to all the local seshes and sell there?

SSW: They try to go to every possible event but, if they can’t make it they send their edibles/juices with other people as giveaways.

K: How long have you been in the industry?

SSW: The business since 2015. But, in the industry for the past 5-6 years?

K: How did you start out in industry?

SSW: I started as a promo model and became a 420 model.

K: Are you still a 420 nurse?

SSW: Yes for a year and half i was the San Diego chapter leader but, stepped down in the past year to focus on my business and became a 420 nurse.

K: Is this your only business, do you have a background in baking, cooking?

SSW: Yes, I started as a teenager baking cakes with my grandmother for weddings, birthdays and special events. We did five and six tier cakes. I for sure have a background in baking.

K: What do you think about the government regulating edibles and kitchen locations?

SSW: I’m not for the government stepping in.

K: Who is your biggest competitor?

SSW: Myself, I don’t worry about what other people are making. There’s room for everyone. I battle with myself, the way the edibles are made and making sure they taste good.

K: One concern we have as consumers is where the food is made, how do you combat that?

SSW: We have videos on social media of us baking so the consumer can see where we are baking and see the area is clean. We use gloves, the hair is back and we make sure to be transparent to show the process. Our kitchen stays clean at all times.

K: Tell me a little about your presentation?

SSW: Presentation is everything. We have our labeling on all of our jars. When we have juices for the patients to sample it’s in a CLOSED container with a spout at the bottom.

K: Can you tell me more about the juices, what would you say for someone with a low tolerance for THC, how much would I drink?

SSW: Out of an 8oz, I would only suggest drinking 4oz at a time. Our juices are powered by rozin tincture like a liquid dab. We also infuse it with Keif,

K: What’s Keif?

SSW: It’s basically trichomes, crystals that break off the flowers and it’s sifted through the screens. We decarb the flower, we decarb the keif, because if you don’t decarb it you’ll get more of a CBD high. Adding keif to an edible or drink makes it more potent.

K: What is decarb?

SSW: I put the weed in the oven at 100 degrees for an hour. Everyone de-carbs a little different but, I find decarbing at 100 degrees is best.

K: What is a good question I as a consumer would ask someone selling edibles?

SSW: “What’s your decarb process?”

K: What’s a bad answer, a red flag for us to listen for?

SSW: If they decarb at more than 200 degrees. One company I asked and they decarbed at 300 degrees which, lessens the THC potency.

K: Does your family know you make edibles and do they judge you for it?

SSW: My whole family knows and they are all very supportive of it. My grandmother even knew, she enjoyed flowers because it helped with her aches and pains.

K: I’m a mom and I’m pro marijuana but, I know for me there’s still a stigma with being a mother that consumes THC. Do you feel the pressure?

SSW: Yes I honestly do. Sometimes I still feel like I have to be careful. It’s scary to have out. When we are done we make sure to put everything away and high up.

K: How do you think you’ll be when your daughter gets older?

SSW: I’ll be open about it. When people joke about mommy wants a glass of wine, it should be as socially acceptable to say Mommy wants a joint. I lost my first born and smoking marijuana definitely helped me get through that. It calms me down and helps with my anxiety.

K: Do you feel like other mothers would benefit from medicating?

SSW: Yes for sure yes. My house, like other homes gets a little crazy, between the talking, the T.V and the baby there’s always something going on. I can medicate and just chill, get the dishes done, get the household jobs done and be so calm about it.

K: Thank you for bringing gifts, can you please explain a little about each one?

SSW: We have cinnamon toast terps, this is infused with coconut oil with rozin chips. The juices are 150mg and infused with medicine rozin and keif. We try and give our patients more quantity for their money.

K: How do you feel about the patients?

SSW: It’s all about the patients. We want to get them great products at low prices. We have a few patients that we know are struggling and spend most of their money on transportation. We always hook them up. We ultimately want to be the best for our patients. We do all types of specials, buy one get one, among others. We change our specials to meet the need of the individual patient.

K: Other than seshes where do you sell your products?

SSW: We have a delivery service and cater to all over San Diego county. People can hit us up by DMing me on Instagram @shezsowaxy.

My take away from meeting with Shezsowaxie is she is all about the patients. She’s kind, caring, and passionate. Her spirit is genuine and she seems to love what she does. She takes pride in her brand and strives to provide the best product and service to her patience. I’m excited for her future.

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