Singaporean Central Bureau of Narcotics Raid–Largest Bust in Fourteen Years

Three Singaporeans were apprehended in a drug-related raid by the Central Bureau of Narcotics, marking the largest bust in fourteen years.

The cannabis bundles pictured were seized from a storeroom in a residential unit by a CNB operation on March 16, 2021.  Making this the largest illegal drug haul from a raid in almost two decades.

History of Cannabis in Singapore

Immigrant laborers from India, who used cannabis for ritual and medicinal purposes in their home country, were most likely the first to bring cannabis to Singapore. This confirmed by local use of the Indian term ‘ganja’ in Singapore to describe cannabis. The British colonized Singapore in 1870, the same year cannabis was outlawed.

Cannabis is still illegal in Singapore. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, possession or use will result in a maximum of ten years in jail, a fine of $20,000, and even caning. The death penalty can be applied to drug trafficking, as well as the import or sale of more than 500 grams.

The Raid Details

In a press release, the CNB made the statement that “Investigations into the drug activities of all the suspects are on going. The total amount of drugs seized in the operation is sufficient to feed 3,950 heroin abusers, 3,700 ‘Ice’ abusers, and 2,930 cannabis [ab]users for a week.”

CNB-storerooom drug raid shot

Photo of storeroom courtesy of CNB

Approximately 8,000g of heroin, 20,000g of cannabis, and 5000g of ‘Ice’ were confiscated in the operation. It’s believed that the drugs seized were valued at nearly one and a half million dollars. The raid also found about 1,000 tablets of ‘Ecstasy’ & Erimin-5 each.


Read the full release Here on the CNB website.