Skywalker Review

By Penny Hayes


The subject of this review is an indica dominant strain, Skywalker. This bag was grown by TriplHex Farms in Humboldt County. My usually-self-assured-flower-merchant was a confused when I asked him to confirm Skywalker’s lineage. He wasn’t sure.

“Was this Skywalker or Skywalker OG? What’s the difference?”

Skywalker is a cross of Mazer-I-Sharif and Blueberry, and Skywalker OG is a California hybrid from Skywalker and OG Kush. Got it.

“It’s Skywalker,” he confirmed, after a few minutes, “and that was my last ounce.”

Oh dear.  It’s the one flower that I request over and over; I don’t like being without it.  Here’s why:

Skywalker is mysterious and intriguing. A mystery because I don’t really remember much past the first twenty minutes. Skywalker is magical; I smoke, I munch out, I fall asleep. It is fairy dust! You simply cannot resist the heavy feeling in your head, closing your eyes and fading your thoughts, pulling your chin to your chest, let me tell you, gravity always wins.  Give up, go to bed, the fairies just kicked your ass.

Skywalker is a potent sleeping aid; it helps insomnia like nothing else.  My roomie says it works great for her hip and back pain. She has taken to making cocktails of Skywalker and Jet Fuel OG in the early evening, she has sciatica and arthritis, and she is trying to get the Skywalker pain effect with a more uplifting hybrid to counteract the sleep effect.

While novice users should tread lightly, this is very effective for insomnia, stress, and pain, with the worst side effect being dry eyes.  Shut them; you will be fine. I highly recommend Skywalker, and I have to say it:  May the force be with you.