Smithers Invests in Enhanced Terpene Analysis Technology

An American testing, consulting, information, and compliance company is adopting advanced technology to expand its cannabis analysis capabilities.

On Wednesday, Akron, Ohio-based Smithers announced its investment in an Agilent 8890 GC/5977B MSD for enhanced cannabis terpene analysis.

Smithers, which has been around since 1925, runs cannabis testing laboratories in Illinois and Massachusetts and plans to expand operations into the Midwest and Northeast.

In addition to cannabis testing services, Smithers also offers ISO 9001 Quality Management audits, device testing, and packaging and distribution testing.

“As a lab in the Smithers Cannabis Testing Services division, we are investing in technology to not only meet a high demand for testing, but to anticipate clients’ needs for years to come,” says Smithers Cannabis Testing Illinois Lab Director Nicholas Williams. “Terpenes are not a required element in most compliance analyses but are important to cultivators as a way to differentiate their product in the marketplace.”

Williams says that a precise and detailed terpene profile can help cultivators draw new customers and respond to minute changes in the growth cycle in real-time.

According to Smithers, the new Agilent unit is a highly-sensitive, state-of-the-art system that will allow the company to refine and expand its terpene analysis.

Smithers says the unit has an enhanced resolution for terpene profiling, and its automation and customizability help decrease sample analysis time.

Smithers says faster analysis times will facilitate the exploration of the newest innovations in cannabis and terpene methods.

The results, says Smithers, are a higher sample throughput and progress toward strain phenotyping for clients.

“Smithers is committed to providing the most accurate data, on time to our clients,” says Group President for Smithers Cannabis testing services Nat Leonard. “Investing in equipment such as the Agilent GC/MSD 5977B is essential to this mission.”