Space Picks Sends THC-Infused Toothpicks To The Edge Of Space

Less than two months after Front Range Biosciences announced that they would be sending hemp tissue to the International Space Station on a SpaceX cargo flight, Space Picks has launched 20,000mg of THC into the stratosphere.

The SpaceX launch is not scheduled until March, but on Wednesday, February 5, Space Picks launched a High-Altitude Balloon filled with 2,000 of the company’s 10mg THC-infused toothpicks to the edge of space from an undisclosed location in Oklahoma.

Space Picks were created by a group of former rocket scientists who liked to have a beer and some cannabis on the launchpad after a long day of work in the 1970s.

Looking for a discreet way to enjoy cannabis on long trips to and from the launchpad that didn’t involve using fire, the group decided that toothpicks from the lunchroom were just what they were looking for.

According to the company, the method of infusing toothpicks with THC took years to perfect, having made many failed attempts before finding the correct formula, which has been kept a secret.

To date, the company says that only three people know how Space Picks are made.

β€œA package or two of Space Picks requires just about zero space in your suitcase,” says Space Picks brainchild-in-chief, Chris Beauchamp. β€œIt’s the most discreet, effective and portable way to experience an amazing high anywhere. Great for long trips to space or short trips to your in-laws!”

Space Picks are hand-made from freshly-harvested North American white birch wood that is infused with natural flavors and premium THC concentrates, which the company says bring quality and delivery that are unmatched at the toothpicks’ size and efficiency.

The company says that sending Space Picks to the edge of space symbolizes the company’s launch into the cannabis industry and the future.

Having returned safely to Earth, the batch of toothpicks sent up in the balloon and five other flavors of Space Picks will be available for sale later in February.

The company says that once a year, it will make Space Picks that have been sent to the edge of space and back available for purchase in a special golden package.