Stage 4 Cancer Patient Room Searched After Admitting He Used Cannabis Oil for Pain

The internet has been abuzz after a video was posted of Nolan Sousley, a stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients room was searched by police after he admitted he used cannabis oil for pain instead of using prescribed opioids. The video shows the man and his family confused and asking the police why they were searching the man’s personal belongings without a search warrant and asking them to leave his room. They claimed the security guard on the floor accused the patient of smoking cannabis in this room giving them a reason to contact authorities.  The officers are shown rifling through the man’s bags and informing him of what will happen if cannabis was found. No cannabis was found in the man’s room.

Missouri recently approved medicinal cannabis in last years midterm election but the regulation has not yet been put into action making cannabis illegal in the state.

See full video and local report here