The Best Bay Area Cannabis Delivery

Where do you score the best weed in the Bay?

Via delivery of course!

And the battle royale among cannabis delivery tech platform startups including Eaze, Meadow, greenrush, Flow Kana, and other competitors who aimed to provide a seamless, on-demand weed delivery in SF seems to have its winner.

While other Bay Area delivery giants have focused on brand partnerships and huge marketing budgets, the front runner we keep hearing about that has the best delivery service is greenrush. They continue to be the trusted site for weed delivery in SF due to its dispensary-focused technology connecting patients and dispensaries through their App and mobile website

Patients can peruse strains, therapeutic edibles assortments, and concentrates from partner dispensaries using greenrush’s site. While their cross-dispensary access to inventory unlocks the ability to enjoy the full cannabis buying experience.

“Today, we live in a world where everything can be delivered directly to you at a moment’s notice – medicinal cannabis should be no different,” GreenRush founder and CEO Paul Warshaw told San Franciso Business Times in an interview. “GreenRush targets the needs of both patients and dispensaries by offering a platform engineered for our connected world.”


Image courtesy of @greenrushdotcom

And making the needs of their dispensary partners a priority has definitely paid off. Bringing on major players like Harborside early on, quickly established greenrush as a delivery service to be trusted.

  “Many companies are competing for a share of the cannabis delivery market. So far, we feel most comfortable with the GreenRush business model.” Steve DeAngelo of Harborside STATED IN AN EMAIL. “It allows dispensaries to retain full control over the fulfillment process and maintain the quality of the medicine, and is more reasonably priced than other competitors.”

By making it simple for patients to find the closest dispensary, with the product they want now, and at the price they are willing to pay, greenrush seems to have covered all the bases.


Here are the four main reasons we recommend giving them a try next time you need a weed delivery in SF:


  • Quick delivery times–There is nothing worse than running dry! So when ordering cannabis most consumers want convenience and quick turnaround times. The average delivery time is approximately 90 minutes on greenrush and during peak delivery hours, which tend to be weekdays between 4 PM and 9 PM, deliveries may take a bit longer. But, if your order is not delivered within 90 minutes you can email include your phone number and ID and they’ll give you a discount on your next order!  Or if you are more of a planner, they do allow placing orders in advance. You can schedule your order in advance for the same day, or for next-day delivery. greenrush also allows you to save previous orders making re-ordering a breeze with a single touch of a finger. Providing that seamless experience for refills of your favorite medication.


  • Daily Deals–The daily deals portion of the menu is one of the main three tabs on the top of greenrush’s site.  Probably because most people spending time shopping online are interested in ALL the deals. Especially with the crazy high CA cannabis tax rates. The best part is that the daily deals are posted early which means that you can go online any day of the week and not only see what deals are going on currently, but also those that are coming up so you can plan ahead. And again with advanced ordering, you can schedule your deals as well as enjoy NO delivery fees as a courtesy to greenrush customers.

Image courtesy of @greenrushdotcom

  • Wide range and selection of brands–Just as you can search by daily deals you can also search by brand.  And when you take a look at all the brands, you will be impressed with the selection. From Mary’s Medicinals to Bloom Farms, Kiva to Cann this menu has all of the premium products available. The menu also updates in real-time so it will only show products that are available for fast delivery in your area. Also, because they care what people want to see on their menu, greenrush encourages customers to email if they don’t see their favorite product to tell them what they are missing!


  • CannaCash rewards/cashback program–While you won’t need much to create an account with greenrush. Just your name, phone number, and email address will get you started. You will be required to submit a password to complete the account creation. And to place your first order you will need to submit a valid photo ID to fulfill the legal proof of age verification requirements for cannabis ordering in California. For medical orders, you will also need to submit a photocopy of your medical marijuana card/doctor’s recommendation. All photo ID submissions can be taken by your smartphone, so you won’t have to leave the couch. If you don’t have an MMJ card, get one with greenrush too. Plus with greenrush CannaCash you earn an industry-leading 8% back on all purchases! Spend $100? They’ll give you $8 back in CannaCash. You can spend up to 100 CannaCash on an order, or save and redeem whenever is convenient for you!


Bottom line, and according to online reviews, greenrush continues to get great reviews from customers whereas other weed deliveries in SF have clearly lost their edge.  Do you live in SF? Drop us a comment and tell us about your experience with cannabis delivery.

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