The Doors’ Robby Krieger To Play WEEDCon Cannabis Expo

A music and cannabis veteran is scheduled to play at a cannabis conference this week in California.

The WEEDCon On The Green Cannabis Education Expo, a cannabis education and networking event, kicked off the first day of its two-day non-consumption event today in Hollywood.

Sponsored by Dime Industries, Sun Brand CBD, and Immersia, WeedCon focuses on promoting the medicinal benefits of cannabis and CBD.

The event features 80 cannabis brands, live music, and the WEEDCon Cup competition.

To cap off the Expo on Friday, May 21, there will be a Rock N’ Roll golf tournament featuring The Doors’ guitar player Robby Krieger.

The golf tournament is separate from but held in conjunction with WEEDCon.

Krieger, along with bassist Kenny Gradney, will be playing for the Safety Harbor Kids non-profit.

Among the other musicians scheduled to play the event are Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Ed Roth, and singer Lenka Shockley.

Having launched cannabis brands such as Wyclef Jean’s Boom Bap re-rolls at past events, WEEDCon is celebrating the launch of Koan Cordials by Resonate Blends this week.

“We are delighted to formally announce the launch of Koan’s cordials at the 2021 Weedcon on the Green Cannabis Cannabis Conference,” says Resonate Blends CEO Geoff Selzer. “We are excited to present the industry our first product line, Koan Cordials to the California cannabis retail channel.”

Koan Cordials are non-alcoholic, water-soluble, nano-emulsion liquids for creating cannabis cocktails, made from cannabis and botanical extracts.

At launch, Koan Cordials come in six formulations for specific experiences, Calm, Balance, Play, Create, Love, and Wonder.

According to Resonate Blends, Koan Cordials “combine the wellness benefits of a tincture with the sociability of a vape or preroll.”

Other listed exhibitors at WEEDCon include Kyle Labs, Dr. Dabber, Encore Labs, Lost Coast Exotics, Medcare Farms, and California Label Products.