The Hitman Coffee Shop

By Jessica Skinner and Bryan

IG: @kushy_kitty & @sparked_interest_photography

The Hitman Coffee Shop…how can I describe this? There is not just “one way.” Walking into the establishment, I was greeted with bustling activity. Everyone was putting the final touches on the Big Night, Friday, April 7, 2017… opening night! As I am walking through, looking for someone to introduce myself to, I spy that well-known hat.

I walk over, stretch out my hand… and say “I’m looking for Bryan, but I know who you are.”

He eagerly takes my hand, flashes that smile, and says “Hi, I’m Doug, thank you for coming.”

All evening this was the energy… open, friendly, warm, and inviting. It is so refreshing to meet cannabis industry insiders, that have embraced a sense of community, rather than competition. I was able to take a stroll through the shop with Doug, and hear how years of hard work and networking have resulted in a “network hub” for all who wish to share. Amazingly dedicated and loyal to local artists and cultivators alike, I get a tour from the Hitman himself.

Among the vast collection of glass, are pieces from artists throughout the years. While walking through the cases of intricate, heavily designed pieces, I ask if these were all gifts from the artists.

Doug looks me straight in the eye and responds “No, I bought them.” It was at that point I fully understand why this man is both loved and respected in this industry. A lot of people will talk the supportive talk, but Hitman proves it. Understanding the value of time and energy, he uses his position in the world to help others attain their success; asking only that they do the same for someone else. My attention is drawn to the beautiful paintings on every wall available. I am then informed that these beauties are also from artists personally known by the Hitman.

A stunning and provocative use of space and color is evident everywhere the eye turns. Clean lines and classy understatement being the key elements. Along with the dark and heady scent of coffee, teas, and cannabis, there is no better place to conduct business (or pleasure). Boasting a pool table, smoke garden (decorated with street art beyond compare), full coffee shop, lounge, and rosin press, you can attend to all your canna-business in one stop.

This evening we were in for a special treat, however, and we were just about to experience our night.

Visitors were greeted by warm handshakes and open doors. All the tables were stocked with “Hitman” rolling trays piled with cannabis, packages of concentrates, bottles of CBD living water, and more. Music being pumped from the loft by none other then Beverly Hills own, D.J. Alchemist, and Patrick Jakes assured we were in for a groovy time. If you ventured out into the garden, you were greeted with a most amazing, medicated fruit cocktail. “Habit” by Canaveral is quickly becoming one of the heavy hitters. Canaveral offers many flavors both medicated and non-medicated. Their drinks are a must in any situation. The concentrates were a gift from “C.E. Solutions” and wonderful. The taste and punch were a memorable experience.

Team “Sasquash” was on deck to press nugs all night long. With new art by “Seedless”, they definitely made a noteworthy presence. Leaving their mark on the shop with a custom made “Hitman Coffeeshop” press…a member can go anytime and get flowers pressed!

I had the pleasure of dabbing out on some Dabbenport Extracts Sauce…and oh my! I am a believer! Sweet and sappy, the clementine taste lingered, as I chatted it up with awesome people. The Dabbenport Ladies were each the hostess with the mostest and had me feeling like I was hanging out with friends and family.

This is precisely the image and premise Doug was trying to create. A place where like minded folks, can come and discuss business, or life. Hitman Doug is one of our brands in the cannabis industry that is changing the game and stereotypes. Making great strides to break down the walls, and creating a community that no longer has to hide. Thank you, Hitman Doug, for all that you do. Can’t wait to see what’s next.