The Road to the Boston Freedom Rally: Phil’s Story

Phil Hardy is the owner of The Hardy Consultants, a consultation company of experts that work with cultivators.

By Medicinal Mike Boris

IG: @medicinal_mike

What can inspire a man to become a hero? Imagine you are a little boy or girl at the age of nine years old. Ignorant to the problems and hurdles life has to offer. All you can imagine is a life with your family and friends and looking for the next smile.

One minute you remember being cuddled in your mother’s arms not knowing that it will be for the last time. Feeling her warmth and love through her tight squeezes and the next moment she is gone because of an ugly disease called cancer that a nine-year-old can never grasp. Tragedy like this can weigh heavy on the soul of a little boy in the cold streets of Boston.
Phillip Hardy has had the misfortune to experience this very trauma and right after losing his best friend seven months prior to Leukemia. This kind of sadness can leave any little boy damaged mentally for the rest of his life. Phil was barely able to grasp control of his life when his best friend and his friend’s two brothers were brutally murdered just a few houses away.
Phil’s father was there for him but unfortunately not understanding that Phil was to become an educator on cannabis and that cannabis can be used to help treat illnesses like Leukemia and Lung Cancer. Unfortunately, with the education, or lack thereof, Phil’s father was only able to understand that cannabis is a drug and was forced to kick his son out of the home in 2014 into the coldest winter Boston had seen in years. Phil has since educated not only hundreds of thousands of Bostonians over the years on his path to “Heal the world” with cannabis therapies, but he has since garnered the support of his father through his selfless actions which is the biggest challenge of them all.

Phil’s path to cannabis community gold is paved by the mentorship of educational healers like the recently passed and dearly missed Micky Martin. Micky led many like Phil to open their hearts and minds to the healing that cannabis can give to this earth. Micky gave Phillip the fire inside that he needed to achieve success, but most of all Micky gave Phil the opportunity to run his first cannabis education stage at the Boston Freedom Rally. Since Phil felt the change, Micky taught him to be there was no stopping Phil in his race to bring cannabis medicine to all who need it.
Phillip is a guiding force on the team that creates “The Boston Freedom Rally”. The rally is over one hundred thousand people strong in a barely legal atmosphere. Phil can be seen all over the globe raising awareness to Boston’s community and most of all asking questions and learning about the city he is in. Phil is like the more humble “Where’s Waldo” of weed; Phil can be seen state to state and loved wherever he goes.
Phil, having no idea where he will be in five years because he never expected to be in the glorious place he is in, would just like to live the American dream and have a nice family in the cannabis industry.

Phil left us with these inspiring words:
“Keep smiling, Stay positive. Although it’s probably the hardest thing to do in most cases, you have to take a step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself if the situation is as bad as it seems. From there- how can you make that situation better? Nobody needs a sob story. You can’t let the hard times defy who you are, but you can use it as a learning experience and motivational tool. Don’t hold back, and always push forward.”

Our true heroes are not always just the highest liked on Instagram, but they are right here in front of us going humbly un-noticed because they are so busy trying to creatively get the word of cannabis out to the world. A hero becomes a hero by making one right choice regardless of the challenges and follows it through sacrificing his own wants to benefiting everyone involved.

Connect with Phil Hardy on Instagram: @thehardyconsultants