Trait Biosciences Unveils Flavorless, Odorless, Water-Soluble Cannabinoids

After more than two years of research, Los Alamos, New Mexico-based Trait Biosciences has unveiled a new line of cannabinoids that are tasteless, odorless, and fully-soluble in water.

The company’s new transformation process eliminates the need for nano-technologies, which have raised some health concerns, for the mixing of fat-based cannabinoids into products.

In addition to producing a fully-stabilized mixture, Trait’s new process produces cannabinoids that can be metabolized quicker, allowing the effects to be felt sooner.

“It’s essential that when people ingest a CBD or THC-based product that they know exactly how much they are taking, and what the onset time will be, not dissimilar to predicting the effect of alcohol when you have a glass of wine,” says Trait Chief Science Officer Richard Sayre. “Our Trait science team has now made this possible with this breakthrough in making water-soluble cannabinoids that are approximately one million times more water-soluble than cannabinoids now being used.”

Sayre, who is also part of a NASA team that is researching crops for space missions, says the process will revolutionize how cannabinoids are used in consumer products.

Trait CSO Ronan Levy says that the new technology provides a way for people to sit and enjoy a drink and socialize without the hangovers and health effects associated with drinking and believes it will be a natural displacement for alcohol.