Trippy Treez Workshop With Yoga

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By Shay Chisholm

IG: @shay_c_

Photos: @sparked_interest_group

As you walked into the Hitman Coffee Shop, you could see everyone sitting at the long picnic tables, rolling their Backwoods with cannabis provided by Agris Farms. Trippy Treez was at the head of the class, with cameras and students gathered around. This was a great opportunity to learn how to roll a Backwood. It is truly an art to roll any but is substantially more difficult to roll a Backwood into a nice baseball bat with a Raw filter.

Trippy Treez made rounds with her tray, showing it to each group, helping to perfect everyone’s roll with tips and tricks. For some attendants, this was their first attempt at rolling a Backwood, and like snowflakes, no two were the same. All over the room you could see people helping one another, from installing the filter to breaking up the cannabis. Everyone in attendance received a rolling tray, Raw filters, cannabis, Backwoods and every smokers favorite, stickers.  

When you work that hard rolling one, smoking it is so sweet. The flower garden at the Hitman Coffee Shop is the perfect place to relax, which is why it filled up quickly, like one big circle. Blunts were coming from every direction. There were big ones, small ones, long ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, just wrong ones and The Hollywood Hemp Museum quality ones. No matter the size or shape, everyone was rolled with love and enthusiasm.

Up next was Elevated Yogi and meditation with Krysta Danai, a cannabis-enhanced yoga experience. The team at Hitman transformed the coffee shop into a yoga studio in minutes.  Students set up to be enlightened spiritually, mentally and physically. Yoga is a healing practice for your entire vessel and soul. There was music playing in the background as Krysta walked through making sure everyone was comfortable. As the class began the mood in the whole coffee shop was calming, and all the students were smiling and enjoying them selves. The longer the class went on, more and more students kept showing up. When yoga ended Wook Flame dabbed everyone out on their lightsaber rigs with a Darth Vader e-nail.

Attendants received a gift bag with a variety of products from multiple companies including Humboldt Solutions’ Trinity Gold with eight premium per-rolls, a vape cartridge, and a full gram dab syringe. Raw, as always, donated shoelaces, lanyards, rolling papers, hemp wick and so much more. Moxie also added a little surprise to every bag, while Locally Baked Glass supplied character metal dabbers and Backwoods. This is an event that The Cannabis Council would recommend attending, whether you’re experienced or learning to roll for the first time, everyone can learn something new while there. I am happy to say that this is the first but not the last Trippy Treez workshop. Make sure to follow her on social media to see what other fun and informative events she has upcoming next.