Two Arraigned In Yolo County On Felony Charges Of Cannabis Cultivation And Environmental Harm

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced on Monday, October 14 that two individuals have been arraigned on marijuana-related felony charges.

On Friday, October 11, 22-year-old Victor Banuelos of Corning and 32-year-old Ruben Corza of Redwood City were arraigned on three charges of felony cannabis cultivation due to environmental harm and enhancements for being armed while committing a felony offense.

The charges were filed after the service of a search warrant by the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office and Fish and Wildlife Services on September 12 at a location just off County Road 40 at Highway 16 near Cache Creek Regional Park.

More than 1,000 cannabis plants were discovered during the search as well as two rifles and evidence of environmental harm by the growing operation due to the diversion of water from Cache Creek and unlawful waste and refuse within 150 feet of water.

District Attorney Reisig moved to expunge more than 700 cannabis-related convictions in September but stated that his office would be shifting their focus to the prosecution of people who cause damage to the environment through illegal cultivation of marijuana.

According to the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, Corza and Banuelos have both pleaded not guilty and were released from custody after posting $20,000 in bail.

The two are scheduled for a preliminary hearing on November 18, 2019.