U.S. Cannabis Council Launches

A coalition of more than 40 businesses, associations, and advocacy groups have joined together to advance cannabis reform in the U.S.

The United States Cannabis Council (USCC) today announced its launch as a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, dedicated to advancing social equity and promoting fair and safe cannabis markets.

The USCC says that it aims to raise ethical standards in the cannabis community and achieve restorative justice for communities impacted by misguided state and federal marijuana policies

Interim CEO Steven Hawkins says that the USCC is a unified voice advocating for de-scheduling and legalizing cannabis.

Hawkins says that legalization at state and federal levels must include provisions to ensure social equity and redress the harms that cannabis prohibition has caused communities.

According to the USCC, Congressional leaders in Washington D.C. are looking forward to working with the organization.

“As founder and co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, I’ve seen firsthand that our most successful cannabis wins have been secured by a team,” says U.S. Representative Early Blumenauer. (D-OR) “We have a unique opportunity in the 117th Congress to advance cannabis reform, but we must remain united to create the change we know is possible. I look forward to welcoming the United States Cannabis Council to Washington,D.C. And working together toward meaningful policy change in the months and years ahead.”

The USCC says that it will harness its members’ resources, energy, and expertise to end federal cannabis prohibition.

Founding members of the USCC include Acreage Holdings, Akerna Corp., Canopy Growth Corporation, Cresco Labs, Inc., Eaze, Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, MedMen, and the Marijuana Policy Project.

For every five board appointments, the USCC will reserve an additional board seat for members representing specific areas of focus, such as environmental concerns.

“Today, the cannabis industry has mobilized to make our message clear—we must de-schedule and legalize cannabis, and it is critical that it is done the right way,” says USCC Acting Board Chairman Christian Sederberg. “After so many years working towards meaningful reform, it’s inspiring to see the diverse group of partners who have formed this collective voice, and together, we are hopeful that true, meaningful federal cannabis reform is within reach.”