Viola Brand Launches School For Cannabis Education

An equity-centric cannabis brand is building a school for cannabis education.

Michigan-based Viola today announced the launch of the Harrington Institute in partnership with the Cleveland School of Cannabis.

According to Viola, the Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC) is on pace to be the first cannabis-focused school to receive accreditation from the Middle States Association.

Viola says the Harrington Institute will provide equitable access to the cannabis industry by offering high-quality education to its community.

The black-owned company currently has cultivation operations in Michigan, Colorado, and Oregon and long-standing partnerships in the United States and Canada.

Viola says that the Harrington Institute provides unique access to an expansive network of industry professionals, community investment, and cutting-edge information.

Former NBA star and Viola CEO Al Harrington says the school fills a need and is very important to him.

“I feel like right now the cannabis industry isn’t seeing all of the talent available, so we wanted to create a platform and program that educates on all verticals within the industry,” says Harrington. “It’s really important to us to provide access for young entrepreneurs and people from our community looking to get into the space.”

According to the company, the Harrington Institute will provide Viola Build Scholarships up to $3,000 to students of color who have been negatively impacted by cannabis criminalization.

Viola says that, while students may take classes individually, scholarships will prioritize those who take the full six-course program.

The Harrington Institute will also provide loans to create better access to education and protect students from predatory situations.

“Access to education is paramount to advancing our communities that have been overlooked, left behind, and marginalized,” says CSC President Tyrone Russell. “We’re providing in-depth education so that our folks have the ability to get in the game, and I’m extremely excited for what’s to come.”

The Harrington Institute has invited interested donors to invest to help meet the growing demand for professionals in the cannabis industry.

The first classes at the Harrington Institute begin on November 8, 2021.