Vireo Unveils Terpene Enhancing Packaging

Terpenes are an essential part of the cannabis plant and play a crucial role in its medical efficacy.

Various factors such as heat and light will cause the terpene content in cannabis flower to decrease over time, but a United States cannabis company seems to have discovered a solution.

Vireo Health Innovation

Multi-state cannabis company Vireo Health International Inc. (Vireo) today unveiled a new cannabis flower line called Amplifi, packaged in a new kind of terpene-friendly container.

Amplifi products come sealed in 3.5-gram jars that utilize a new proprietary packaging technology called TerpSafe that the company says preserves and naturally augments the terpene content of cannabis flower.

Recently, Vireo has launched Amplify with its popular Ultimate Purple strain at Maryland dispensaries and plans to offer Gorilla Girl later in January.

Amplifi products will be available at the Vireo dispensary in Phoenix and third-party dispensaries statewide beginning in February.

“We are excited to announce the launch of Amplifi, a new brand that will feature several of our most popular strains of dry cannabis flower,” says Vireo CEO Kyle Kingsley, M.D. “Not only will Amplifi feature Vireo’s next generation strains, but the flower’s terpenes will be preserved and enhanced by our Terpsafe packaging. We believe that this proprietary technology will become the standard for flower packaging throughout the industry.”

Proven by Science

According to a peer-reviewed research paper published in the Journal of Cannabis Research in September found that Vireo’s TerpSafe technology preserved cannabis flower by inhibiting terpene loss.

The technology can be used with a variety of cannabis flowers grown and stored in various conditions.

According to Vireo, lab tests and real-world analyses showed that the cannabis flower lost nearly half of its terpenes over four weeks. In other words, cannabis needs Terpene enhancement to maintain it’s freshness and quality. 

Conversely, the terpene content of the same flower increased over the course of four weeks when stored in TerpSafe packaging.

Cannabis flower

Terpenes are essential components of the cannabis plant

Researchers were able to use the TerpSafe technology to adjust the terpene profile of the cannabis. Vireo says this will help manufacturers protecting and enhancing the terpene levels in their products from the greenhouse to the customer’s house.

In 2019, Vireo signed a limited exclusive licensing agreement with the largest cannabis packaging supplier in the United States, eBottles420, to manufacture and distribute TerpSafe Packaging.

“In addition to keeping cannabis flower fresher for longer, what sets TerpSafe apart from conventional terpene-preserving packaging is that it is proven to reinfuse the product even after multiple openings.” says Vireo CSO Eric Greenbaum. “Our research design included conditions which mimicked patient use, where the bottles were opened periodically over a period of weeks and conclusively showed that the terpene-preservation capabilities of our system are not adversely affected by the jar being opened at a normal-use rate.”