What Do Cannabutter, Boxed Wine and Going Vegan Have In Common?

No one will argue that the past several months have been among the strangest lived in the lives of most people.

From work and simple errands like going to the grocery store; to going to events and entertaining our family and friend, the global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do most things.

Likewise, Google searches in each state during quarantine have changed, and also became most interesting.  Zippia.com did a little digging and found out what they believe are the most interesting searches for each state.

And, sticking with the 2020 theme-weird-the responses are definitely the same…


People in Louisiana apparently abandoned personal hygiene during the pandemic. They asked Google, “How often should you wash your hair?”

Hair, also on the minds of Ohio folks who asked, “How to dye your hair blonde at home.”


Some of the more interesting searches:


“How to stop drinking”Colorado

“How to sleep at work”Florida

“Delete Facebook”Idaho

“How to become a YouTuber”Indiana


We are a bit concerned about folks in Minnesota Googling “boxed wine”, Mississippi looking for “vodka pops”, questions about “day drinking” in New Mexico, “Bloody Mary’s” in Wisconsin and Missouri: you have a problem – your people are looking for “meth recipes”.

Dope people in Kentucky caught search for “vaping pens,” while the same in Michigan Googling how to make “cannabutter.”  Yummmy!

Food was on many minds – In Alabama, they searched for “BBQ”, Alaska was “pizza delivery”, in Hawaii they’re making “banana bread”, going vegan” in Nevada, and “how to roll sushi” in Washington.

Some of the more “traditional” searches were “dog adoption” in Connecticut, “virtual interviews” in New Jersey, and “cool Zoom backgrounds” in California.

Folks in South Dakota have apparently just had about enough. They wanted to know – “how to move to Canada.”