Which PLUS Cannabis-Infused Gummies are Right for You?

I’m not going to pretend PLUS THC-infused cannabis gummies are not my favorite edibles! That said, I’m in no way endorsed, supported or compensated by PLUS Products. These are truly my go-to products! I usually get them from Puffy Delivery for $23 for 20x 5mg servings. I’ve even reviewed PLUS cannabis-infused gummies a few times in the past, because they continually innovate and upgrade their products.

  • Recommended for: choosing the effects that you want to experience and the depth (dose) of that experience
  • Not recommended for: getting stoned – sure, you could, but that would be a waste of a finely-tuned product

Cannabis meets science

The greatest benefit of legalization is that private industry is free to openly research cannabis products. As the cannabis industry comes to understand the roles of myriad cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, the companies that supply us with high-quality products are smart enough to use this to their advantage – and ours. PLUS has done exactly that, and their cannabis-infused gummies are now named in keeping with the cultivated experience they offer.

The menu

PLUS gummies come in 5mg increments of total cannabinoids, so 5mg total of THC+CBD.

I haven’t tried their new line of PLUS CBD-infused gummies, but I’ve taken THC-infused PLUS gummies for a spin or two twenty.

  • Uplift – 5mg THC per gummy, likely a sativa. Previously called “energize”, these cannabis-infused gummies have the get-up-and-go you need to accomplish anything! I pair one or two with an espresso for max productivity. In fact, I might never clean again without PLUS gummies and Nespresso! In about three hours, I clean and sorted my way through so many items that had been on my to-do list. I even sharpened the knives, which I’ve never done before. This was a whole new level of productivity and efficiency under the influence, without sacrificing mental acuity. I didn’t walk into the next room and wonder what I was doing there – or get lazy and quit altogether.
  • Balance – 3.5mg THC and 1.5mg CBD per gummy. These PLUS gummies are great when I’m not feeling 100% and want something to take the edge off. Sore from yesterday’s workout? Getting over a cold? Take one, maybe two! A medical marijuana patient might choose to take more. The lower THC makes it possible to take a little more of these gummies and experience less of the “high” that comes from an all-THC product.
  • Unwind – 4.5mg THC and .5mg CBD per gummy, likely indica gummies that were previously called “restore”. I also call these “SOLD OUT”, because they usually are! This line is made for rest, relaxation and recuperation. It produces more of the tranquil effect people expect to feel when they take edibles, which may be why people gravitate to this more than the productivity enhancers.

Choose Your Own Adventure

That’s the beauty of these cannabis-infused gummies. Whatever you do or don’t need to accomplish today, PLUS Products gives you options. They’ve recently added a line of 2.5mg total-cannabinoid mints, infused with THC and CBD, with similar effects. Whether you want to micro-dose or feel intoxicating effects, the small increments make it possible to minimize or maximize the experience. Gone are the days of being grateful for anything greenish in a baggie. This is the future of cannabis consumption. And for that, I’m truly grateful!